Strike Up the Band!

The things that make college football special are the bands, traditions/fan interaction, and passionate loyalty to schools. In my opinion we only have one of those four things in our program. Most ASU fans that are true fans are very passionate about football and very loyal to the program. Whether we hate Dirk or not, we are still just trying to keep the program going forward. The main issue I have is with the other two topics.

Our band is lacking in numbers, lacking in songs, and lacking in game awareness. Our band does nothing to get the crowd into the game. They do nothing to make the game any more exciting live than sitting at home watching it on television. Why does our band director insist upon playing the fight song 200 times a game like we are OU, UT, or USC? Why does our band director insist on playing four or five songs a game over and over again? Why does our band director insist upon playing while it's third and one on the five yard line? Why doesn't the band director try to get in contact with us, the fans, for some suggestions or work with us to create some better songs? They need to try and make the game more exciting for fans.

The band is solely responsible for game time traditions. We need to work with the band to try and change some things. I will admit that most of the traditions are started by the students, but we inherited none when we arrived and it is hard to start any. While the students are all familiar with each other, we do not work together during the game with anything. Maybe that needs to be fixed before something changes, but we need the band to be able to change if we put in the effort.

We also need more fan interaction to bring the stadium together. We already have the GO-DEVILS cheer once a game, but why not more? We can have something on the video screen that can bring all of us together in a cheer. It makes the atmosphere louder when we are all doing cheers together. On a good night we can make enough noise to hear all around Tempe, and more we cheer together the louder we can get. The third down gimmick was a nice try but people do not really get into that very much. The majority of games people are unfortunately on their hands and make very little noise. The crowd should be more involved in united cheers and chants, making the game experience that much more fun.

I know we already had a board member attempt to give some songs to the band director, and hopefully he takes note of his or her efforts. It is not the band members who are at fault; it is whoever is in charge of trying to make the game more exciting. If that is the band director or someone else, then that person must give a greater effort. It would be nice to not have to go through all four years in school with the same boring songs. I am not complaining for the sake of complaining, I would like to get something done before it is too late. I know it is hard for one student to make a difference, but maybe someone will look at this and realize that there should be at least some effort for change.

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