Do or Die for Dirk and the Devils

Alliteration aside, Dirk's professional career just might come down to two games. Many local fans in the Phoenix area are walking the line with the team right now. A win over UCLA and AU brings the majority of these borderline supporters back to the team. The support from the fans triggers support in terms of media coverage, and in terms of booster's donations. These games would also bring our recruiting to a very favorable position.

A recruit's coach hinted to me just how important winning is to his player, and I am sure to other big recruits out there. If a recruit's high school team has a bad record, he does not want to repeat that trend in college. Wins would also give ASU's Vice President of Athletics Lisa Love a better idea of what to do with Koetter and his extension. Koetter pulling the season out from nothingness proves that this program is in fact headed toward the right direction. A contract extension would also secure recruit's fears toward losing their head coach a year into their commitment.

Losses to both UCLA and Arizona would be devastating for Arizona State football. Media support, which is terrible to begin with (see STATE PRESS, ARIZONA REPUBLIC), will begin with the ritual witch hunt for Koetter's job. Fan support would also plummet leaving many borderline fans with a bad taste in their mouths going into next year. When high expectations by fans continually get shut down, it can have a terrible impact on the team's backing, and losing out this season is going to do exactly that. I have gotten the sense that these Phoenix area fans are on the edge of their seats ready to fully embrace the Sun Devil program. The USC game was insanely loud, and could anyone imagine crowds like that all season long? That crowd was what home field advantage was all about, and we need to be consistent on a year to year basis to secure those fans.

Dirk's loss to Arizona last year was inexcusable on every level possible. I do not care if they beat UCLA or not, they are still supposed to be beaten this year. Does everyone forget that we were supposed to be better than UCLA at the beginning of the year? Why does everyone think it should be any different now than it was then? Dirk's California road record is also just embarrassing and absurd. Bucking that adverse trend and erasing the loss to their archrival last year would do put a lot of smiles of the maroon and gold followers. Losses of these games would cause an unstoppable uproar from the Sun Devil faithful which would inevitably lead straight to asking for Koetter's head.

I feel that Koetter is on the cusp of taking this team to a BCS level. He is now closer to that goal in terms of the talent level on offense, and I feel that we now have the defense. Injuries to such key positions have been hard to overcome, but we still could have been able to win certain games. Remember that even though back ups are physically capable of playing, they rarely have the mental capability to contend. Our "depth problems" are only problems when the new players cannot mentally handle the pressure. Many key starters are coming back, which makes these two games even more winnable. We are still losing some more starters for this game, but we are in a good position health wise to win this Saturday.

I am a Dirk Koetter supporter (obviously), but I am not a blind follower. I know that my website is on the borderline of become or, but I believe that the Sun Devil Skipper can pull these games off. It is imperative for him to win at least against Arizona and get to a bowl game, but if he loses both of these games, his tenure in Tempe is terribly close to being terminated.

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