Rivalry Game - A Day in the life of a Student

The following is a student's perspective on their gameday experience in last Friday's game

So I finally wake up after a long night of being with my family on Thanksgiving night, and go drive to the airport at 6am to catch the flight to Phoenix. It is 8 am when I land, and I forgot that Arizona is so cold in the morning with only my shirt without a jacket, and leave to go and get my wristbands.

I get to the line to grab my wristbands, and there the security guard decides I am too close to the line so he yells at me to move back in line. Angry with the security guard, I finally get my section 32 wristband and go wait outside for a friend I saw in line. While I am waiting outside, the security guard decides to yell at me to get away from the front door and stop hanging around. Furious with these security men, I decide to just cut my losses and leave.

A family member comes with me to the game and cannot sit in the student section, so I decide to walk her to her seat before I go sit in the student section. As I approach the line, they make me empty my bag as I have been doing for 3 years now. Unfortunately for the first time since I have been coming to the games, they search my bag for markers and they take my new markers that I just bought at the beginning of the year worth 10 dollars. I ask them why they decided to take markers away for the first time all year without giving any notice before and the security guy yells at me and tells me to keep moving. Furious with them again, I go to get my season pass stamped and go into the stadium.

I ask the security guard if I can go through to the front entrance where my sister was standing no more than 5 feet away. She is literally standing there waiting for me to go with her to her seat, and the security lady says no. I say, "look, she is right there, all of the students are already seated and I am already late just let me go with her to her seat." The lady turns to look at my sister, then looks back and me, then looks at her again, then looks and me and says no. I stand there and give her a very upset look, and then she proceeds to yell at me and tells me to go up the long ramp like everyone else.

So then I leave and go walk around and down through the student section to where the Crue is sitting to drop off the banners and my bag. As I get to the entrance to the section, they check my wrist band. First he looks at it, then tells me to give him my wrist and he grabs it and pulls on my wristband and proceeds to cut my skin. I tell him "thanks a lot, you really had to pull my wrist band that hard because you can't tell if its paper or plastic." He then yells at me to move along, so I go down to the bottom of the section.

At the bottom of the section, I say hello to everyone and then proceed to try and walk down the stairs to go back to the entrance where my sister is. There the security guard and sheriff say I cannot go down that way. I tell them that I am just going to hang up the banners and go and walk my sister to her seat. I tell them that I sit here every game and I am coming right back. They don't care and they tell me that I cannot go down the stairs. I plead with them to let me go, and then they proceed to yell at me to move along.

So I walk all the way back up the stairs and around the ENTIRE STADIUM just to get back to the entrance where my poor sister was waiting and having slimy ticket punchers hit on her. I finally get to her and then it seems that her tickets are on the same side of the stadium and me so I have to walk back up the student entrance. On my back through that way, the security lady who first yelled at me asks me what I am doing over there. I tell her that I walk around the entire damn stadium just to get back to square one, and that I walking my sister back to her seat. The security guard proceeds to tell me that I wasn't supposed to be down with the "normal people" and then two very tall and very big sheriffs come over. They get right in my face and ask me what the problem is. I don't know if it's because I am a student, or maybe my skin color, but they gave me the worst treatment and the dirtiest looks as I just turn and walk away.

So I walk all the way back up around the ramp and then up another ramp to the third deck to drop her off in the Arizona section with Copeland Bryan's mom and dad, and I say hello to them and then I say goodbye and leave. As I try to get back into the student section the same guy checks my wrist band AGAIN, and pulls hard on it AGAIN, only to aggravate the already annoying cut on my skin.

While sitting in the front row, the security all of a sudden decides to not allow us to lean against the wall in the front. This makes it very complicated because the seats behind us are already occupied with students standing on them. They harass both the front row students in section 32 and 31, threatening to kick anyone out of the game who leans on the wall. So after three years of me going to football games, they all of a sudden decide to not allow us to lean against the wall. Frustrated, tired, and sore from being on the airplane that morning, I decide to give up being mad about anything and just try to enjoy what seemed to be Dirk Koetter's last game as a head coach.

Skip to the end of the game where we finally win, and everyone is happy. For some reason, a few of the more intelligent students decided to come up to the front row and put a lot of pressure on the people already up there. More cops come, and the situation escalates and the mob pushes forward to try and rush the field or whatever they were trying to do. The cops end up smacking around some student who jumped down; slamming him against the fence and off he went to jail or out of the stadium. The crowd in turn begins to argue with the cops that they just want to leave like the rest of the crowd through the front gate. The cops keep us cramped in the front row for another 20 minutes before the crowd begins to lighten up. They finally let us leave down through the front and the guy who was standing literally 1 inch from my backside finally moved away from me.

I was happy the game was over, and no, I was not upset at the treatment they gave me because I am used to it. Whether it was the 3 hour 110 degree madness in line of the USC game, or the injury plagued stampede trying to get wristbands for LSU. They treat students like we are worthless and all irrelevant to them. They set up these terrible rules, and absurd procedures, and all it does is making the game experience ten times worse. Do not be surprised if entire sections are empty when you treat students like crap for the entire season. Step up and treat us fair Arizona State, Lisa Love, or Sun Devil Stadium authorities because normal students cannot go through that more than once. You want the crowd noise to be crazy, and you want to have a home field advantage, and then just let us in the stadium without all the nonsense.

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