It Was All In the Recruiting Attitude For Carnahan

When colleges court high school players, coaches have several recruiting techniques they can apply. When a recruit officially signs the letter of intent, that's when a coach can usually (but not always) get validation that their recruiting approach was a successful one. In Andrew Carnahan's case, it wasn't just a matter of how well ASU conducted themselves during the recruiting process, but rather how poorly other schools performed in that area.

"I like the way coach Grimes recruited me." Says the offensive lineman. "He was never too pushy. He told me all the time that if I wanted to go to ASU, they'll have a spot waiting for me. Texas Tech told me that they had only two spots left, and that if I wanted to go there I better hurry up and make up my mind to reserve my spot." Carnahan actually committed to Texas Tech, but was never fully at ease with that decision. "I wanted to make up my mind by Christmas, so I tried to squeeze in all my visits by then. I did go for my official visit to ASU at the end of December, and because it was during Christmas break I didn't get to meet a whole lot of people. I did commit to Texas Tech right after Christmas, but I told ASU that I still wasn't 100% sure, and that my mind might change. I felt real good in the beginning after I committed to Texas Tech. But then the more I thought about it, the more doubts I had. I always told myself I was going to college far away, and Texas Tech was only two hours from where I live. I really wanted to live in new surroundings"

The first team All-District player from Hereford (located in the Texas panhandle) obviously did change his mind through a very interesting chain of events. "Out of all the schools that were recruiting me, ASU was the only one that we really kept on calling me all the time. After I committed to Texas Tech, all the schools besides ASU (including TCU, Wyoming, Oklahoma St., and UTEP) backed off me. Coach Grimes just kept on calling and calling, so I knew they (ASU) were real interested. Because my official visit to ASU in December didn't go that well, I took an unofficial visit in the middle of January. This time I got to meet a lot more players. I just got a better feel for everything at ASU. It really felt like home." Despite the quality visit, this National Honor Society student was far from committing to the Sun Devils. "Even though that was a real good visit, I didn't make up my mind until the night before signing day. They (Texas Tech) did hear about my visit to ASU, and called me all mad the day I came back from my second visit to ASU. They knew I had second thoughts, but they were pretty sure that they would get me… One of my biggest problems was getting myself to change my mind, because I already committed to Texas Tech. I kinda felt that if I told them no at the last minute they would have problems filling that spot or not having enough players."

The Arizona State freshman to-be, is also a starter on his high school Basketball team. While playing a game the night before signing day, a discussion with his Football coach was the turning point towards reversing his commitment to Texas Tech. "The day before signing day my head coach told me that Texas Tech was gonna rescind the offer if I didn't sign by noon on signing day…they had someone on hold for that scholarship spot. So, that made me feel much better saying no to them because I knew my spot would be filled. I might have been with Texas Tech today if they would be like ASU and tell me that they would have a spot for me no matter what."

It is the sport of Basketball that gives Carnahan his athleticism on the Football field. "Basketball helps my feet work, speed, and agility (He would like to solely concentrate on Football at ASU)… I do have a pretty good work ethic. I go hard in practice. I try to be a good leader on the field and make everyone play hard…The biggest thing I need to work on is getting bigger and stronger in the weight room. I'm a better pass blocker than a run blocker just because we got to do more pass blocking in high school. So, run blocking is something I need to also improve on." Early playing time isn't an issue for the Hereford native: "I'm planning on redshirting and working hard in the weight room. We'll see what happens after a year."

While Andrew Carnahan didn't wish for such a roller coaster type recruiting process, he's undoubtedly learned a lot about himself, and the school he committed to. ASU has shown a very strong desire, to say the least, to land his services. Now the question arises if the persistence of the Sun Devil coaches will pay off. Something tells us that with Carnahan's athleticism and personality, the tireless efforts will soon come to fruition…

Recruit Profile


Andrew Carnahan

High School

Hereford HS, Hereford, TX







Date of Birth



Hereford, TX


Big Country

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Movie


Favorite Singer

Any Country Music

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink


Favorite Athlete

Daryl Johnston

Favorite Pro Team

Dallas Cowboys

Person you most admire

My mom. She always does everything the best she can, and I take after her.

First Football Memory

Seventh grade. We went undefeated.

One Thing most people don't know about me

I'm a very meticulous person. I like everything to be done perfect.

Why did you choose ASU?

Real good chance to get away from home.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

I'd like to start my own business in construction.

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