Bittersweet Weekend for Hamilton Linebacker

It has been the best and worst of times for linebacker Gerald Munns at Sun Devil Stadium. Last year around this time he won a 5A state championship, and last weekend he and the Huskies missed an historic three-peat losing a heartbreaker to Brophy. Roughly 24 hours after that defeat, Munns received a phone call which could lead him to calling Sun Devil Stadium his home for the next few years, and probably generate some more happy memories on that field, this time donning the maroon and gold.

"I never knew if it was ever gonna happen and it did. I've never been so happy," said the 6-3 230 Gerald Munns when he received a phone call from Arizona State defensive coordinator Bill Miller. "They were sending me letters, and they called sometimes. It wasn't like they ignored me or anything. I never got an hint that they were gonna offer me. I thought that some of the coaches were gonna be at the championship game, so I guess I had to put up a show (smile). It was one of my better games, but not the best." Unofficially, Munns said he had about 11 tackles, four sacks, and an interception during that contest.

Naturally, Munns went through conflicting emotions last weekend. "It was bittersweet," he admitted. "I was down after losing the championship game, and then I get the call from ASU…it's like ‘wow, I'm gonna play again at Sun Devil stadium.' It was weird, but I'm happy they called."

Up until the 5A championship game, the linebacker amassed 131 tackles in 12 games. He had four sacks, four fumbles recoveries, and one interception during that span. "I'm a pretty aggressive player," he stated. "I'm very smart on the field, and I know how to read offenses. I can always improve in getting bigger, stronger, and faster. You just have to step it up in the college level." He added that he does believe that he's being recruited as a middle linebacker, but is "happy to play wherever they tell me. As long as I get on the field and I'm hitting somebody (smile)."

The Hamilton standout said that Colorado State showed some interest in him, but he believed that he was going to end up at Utah. Naturally, this all is a moot right now. "Once ASU offered me, I can't imagine not going there," he said. "That's cool that there gonna be so many Hamilton kids playing at ASU. It cool watching Adam (Vincent) and David (Smith) do well for the home state team, and I'm excited to be part of that too."

Munns is already qualified academically, and his verbal commitment to the Sun Devils is also heading to the done deal status. "I'm almost positive I'll commit on the trip this weekend," he commented, "but I'm not gonna say anything before I get down there."

Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall and a young local star player is about to realize his dream.

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