Koetter Receives Contract Extension

Arizona State University announced Tuesday that the contract for Head Football Coach Dirk Koetter will be extended beyond the 2007 season. Negotiations are ongoing between both sides, and once contract details are completed, they will be forwarded to the Arizona Board of Regents for approval. The fifth-year Sun Devil skipper was naturally elated with the proclamation.

"I'm obviously very very happy," he said. ‘It's an exciting day for me, my family, my coaches' families, for ASU football. This is a nice step for us to be able to continue our upward momentum. When President Crow first got here he told me he hoped he and I would be here for 20 years. hopefully we're getting a little bit closer to that. Anything of course has to be approved by the board of regents and negotiated by the lawyers. I'm very confident that is the easy part to work out because I know I want to be the coach here and they've told me they want me to be the coach. Everything in between is pretty much gravy."

This announcement affects the program on many levels, but suffice to say that recruiting is the aspect that will be impacted the most. "It's going to be big for recruiting," explained Koetter. "In fact, yesterday after we got the word out to our coaches on the road, we had two commitments yesterday afternoon just on that word alone. We had another kid who committed to a Pac-10 school just this past weekend because they were telling him we weren't going to be here, now he's going to come visit us this weekend. The timing for this is right on for recruiting. I thank (ASU's Vice President for Athletics) Lisa Love and president Crow for making that happen."

"I can't talk specifics but what I can say they've given me the confidence that starting tonight when I'm sitting in three home visits I can tell all those parents I'm going to be here for the duration of their kids college careers," Koetter continued. "That's what they want to hear. That's what you have to be able to sell them. Look around this place, at this stadium, at this university and you add the fact they know the coaching staff is going to be there and that was the missing piece in the puzzle. I've been on the road for the last two and a half weeks. I could tell which coach was ahead of me by what they were saying. Recruiting is a cutthroat business. I'll have our secretary fax this release to every Pac-10 team so they can go back to telling our recruits its too hot here."

A Head Football's coach job security is a tenuous one. Thus, Koetter doesn't take anything for granted in that department. "You look around the landscape of college football, anything can happen," he commented. "I know I'm in a position where I have to be thankful to people who believe in me. I believe we do a good job but I also know there are other people out there who do a good job and don't get retained. I think that's (stability) important and President Crow and Lisa Love are definitely making a statement towards that. If you just look around the country, Arizona State isn't the only school that has been an issue. Look at any school, there's a lot of great success stories out there of coaches that were hovering slightly around .500 until they got all he pieces in place and then took off. From someone who works on the inside, change every five years is going to be tough."

Koetter asked the Sun Devils faithful to stay with the team, due to the fact that the maroon and gold aren't far from achieving excellence. "Even though 6-5 is what you're judged by, just a handful of plays and we're one of those teams in the top 10 of the country," he explained. "Some of that is luck, some of it's coaching, some of it's playing, some of it is injuries."

The ASU Head Coach is on the path to securing his future, and he believes that next season holds great things for his squad. "Late last year we had the good fortune of adding three transfer D-lineman who were all sitting out this year," said Koetter. "When you add those three guys into the mix with the recruits already coming in and the fact we have nine starters coming back on offense the d-line is going to go from a weakness on our team to a strength. If you look at our roster coming back for next year we have to get some linebacker help and get some secondary help. we have a great group of guys here and we're going to get this thing right where everybody wants it. I'm a big believer that if you keep doing the little things right consistently eventually it will pay off."

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