Richardson Confident That He'll ‘Fit Well' At ASU

Luring a recruit to play at your school requires a good sense of salesmanship. Coaches spend endless days presenting prospects with every detail imaginable about their respective Football programs, academics, and campus life. One topic that's guaranteed to come up in this discussion is playing time. With ASU's thin numbers at receiver, the Sun Devil depth chart spoke for itself when recruiting Terry Richardson. Feeling wanted and comfortable swayed him to spend his next several years in Tempe.

It was a strong relationship with one of the best Sun Devils of all times, that initially sparked Richardson's interest in ASU. "I was good friends with J.R. Redmond." Says SuperPrep magazine's No. 3 skill athlete in the nation. "I grew up around him (in Carson, CA), and he was like a mentor to me. So many people said he couldn't do it, and he did it. So, I was really waiting for ASU to contact me, because I always wanted to go there." While ASU was late to contact him in the recruiting process, the relationship between the Sun Devils and the talented receiver was positive from the start. "ASU was one of the last ones to give me a call, but I knew that was because of the coaching change. They weren't just introducing the program, but also introducing themselves to me. They told me what they were planning to do with the program, and that I would fit well. It was like they were starting a new business, and they wanted me to be part of their staff. It felt good that these coaches were brand new, and they already wanted me to be part of their program. It's cool that I'm part of their first recruiting class. You know they'll be around for a little while, because hey just got here."

Several Pac-10 schools such as both Washington schools, Oregon, and Cal were pursuing Richardson, who was selected to play in the prestigious CaliFlorida Bowl. Hawaii was the first school to offer him a scholarship his sophomore year, which didn't faze him much. "I always knew I wasn't gonna commit early. I wanted to sit back and follow the recruiting situations of other schools." It was actually USC who was ASU's fiercest competitor in the race to land his services. "USC were good people, but it wasn't my fit. They already had a lot of receivers, and they didn't know how I would fit in. USC told me that they weren't gonna bring in more than three receivers, and they brought in four. All they knew is that they wanted me on their team, and they would find a way to play me somewhere." The ASU situation was far more appealing to him. "With ASU they just showed me what they had on offense, and told me exactly how I was gonna fit into their plans. They had a specific seat for me…USC always has a history of having the best recruits, but they still don't win every year. It seems like they don't develop the program, because they have coaches changing every year. I wasn't impressed by that. There's also a lot of favoritism out there. It's just like a popularity contest with the favorite payers. Another thing about USC is the area. It's in South Central L.A. and I know all about that area. My parents grew up in L.A., and they worked hard to get us living outside of L.A. So why would I go back there to school? But there was a time where I did want to play for them. My family and me sat down, and talked about what will happen after school. We asked ourselves if the area of USC is a place that I want live in if Football didn't work out, and I just didn't think it was a place for me to settle down and start my life. It's not a place you can go out and get a pizza at 2 A.M. without worrying what colors you're wearing. That stuff isn't cool, and I don't want to worry about it."

The Centennial High School graduate enjoyed his visit to Tempe, and it was further proof that ASU was the place for him. "I liked the warm weather and I got along really well with the players at ASU. Of all my trips, I think I felt the most comfortable and liked hanging out with the players the most at ASU. (His host on his trip was Adrian Thomas.) They all took time to take me aside and talk to me. I really did appreciate that about ASU, because I didn't have that happen on other visits. I like the city – you can get away from the action or be part of the action. You have professional Baseball going on, an NFL team playing in your stadium. There is so much to do in Tempe, the people are very nice, and there is a good mix of people from different places… I really did want to get away from home, and be my own person. I couldn't do that at USC. ASU is away from home, but not that far. I can fill up a tank of gas and be back home. The campus is great; I never knew it was that nice. I really liked the dorms too. The stadium, weight room, the coaches – they all spoke for themselves."

Richardson caught 55 receptions for 973 yards and 11 touchdowns as a senior, to go along with 191 rushing yards and five more scores via the ground. In his junior and senior seasons combined, Richardson caught over 100 passes for just over 2,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. He told us about his strong and weak points of his game: "My hands and my power are my strong points. I play a lot in the slot so I have to be able to keep LBs from jamming me and I'm strong so I can do that. I work hard and never give up. We can be down 70 points, and I'll still run a hard route or dive for a ball. I'm pretty fast. I run a 4.4 in the 40. My weak point is working on my technique a little more. I need to get a little swifter and sharper on running the route." A high-octane offense such as coach Koetter's is highly attractive to wide receivers. Not only does Richardson agree with that, but also being a part of such as scheme is hardly foreign territory to him. "I like the offense that ASU runs. A lot of their plays are like the ones I ran in high school. I know the terminology is different, but I'll be ready to pick it up fast so I can help the team right away."

As mentioned earlier, the lack of depth at the wide receiver position made the Sun Devils an attractive prospect. "ASU coaches told me pretty much that I wouldn't redshirt because of the wide receiver situation. They just had a lot of receivers that left the program for different reasons…ASU never told me that I'm just gonna walk into a starting position, and to be honest, I don't want to earn it that way. They said I'll have a chance to compete for a starting position, and that's how I want to earn it – I want to fight for it. The good thing is that I'm not going up against eight receivers." Although Richardson has already qualified, academics will be his focus this summer. "I'm not sure when I'll come to Tempe. I don't know if it will be before August or not. I want to improve my test score, even though I'm qualified. I'm really enjoying the positive side of academics right now, so I may come only in August. I am training on my own here, so I'll be in good shape once I come to Tempe."

This year, they are a select number of newcomers that the Football team will heavily rely on for a successful season. Terry Richardson and his extraordinary receiving skills, is undoubtley one of those players. Due to the numbers at his position, he will be given many chances to make his mark. Richardson is excited about being part of a new beginning at ASU, and when his Sun Devil career concludes he could be part of what will hopefully be the resurrection of the Maroon and Gold – an era that his good friend J.R. Redmond was part of…


Terry Richardson

High School

Centennial HS, Corona, CA


WR (Played DB too)





Date of Birth



Carson, CA



Favorite TV Show

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Favorite Movie

Changing Lanes

Favorite Singer

DJ Quick

Favorite Food


Favorite Drink

Raspberry Ice-T

Favorite Athlete

Bo Jackson

Favorite Pro Team

Arizona Diamondbacks

Person you most admire

Just my family in general.

First Football Memory

I was in Pop Warner I scored four touchdowns, made all my field goals, and also did the kick-offs. I did everything but throw the ball to myself (smile)

One Thing most people don't know about me

I was raised in a church. I'm a son of a minister.

Why did you choose ASU?

I can see the program will rise, and I want to be a part of it.

Where do you want to be in ten years?

Definitely in the NFL. If I don't do that, I want to start my own business. I'd like to go into coaching too.

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