ASU Seniors Showcase Skills for NFL Scouts

Pro day at the practice field of Arizona State University featured less than ideal conditions. Nevertheless, whether you were already a player that participated in the NFL combine such as Derek Hagan, or one that is trying to attract interest as Mike Davis, it was imperative to make a good impression during the adverse weather and further the attention being received in the pro ranks.

"I felt I had a real good day," said wide receiver Derek Hagan on pro day. "The wind was just blowing the ball here all over the place, but I made the tough catches. It all started off doing 16 reps of 225 lbs. and I think they (scouts) weren't expecting that, just like they weren't expecting the 4.42 (smile)."

Speaking of that 40-yard dash time, the Pac-10 record holder in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns felt that his NFL combine display was a positive one. "I dropped some balls to the ground," he admitted, "but that will change with more concentration. Some of the drills were real new to me, but I think I put on a good performance there. I told people last year that I was gonna run a 4.4, they thought no way I ran faster than a 4.5, 4.6 (laughs). They think I'm slow because the way I run – my stride is a so long compared to the other people. I feel that the longer your legs, the faster you will run." The wide receiver added that he has a workout scheduled with the Chiefs at the end of the month and he's likely to have a few more before the draft.

Linebacker Dale Robinson, is another ex-Sun Devil who participated in the combine, and unlike Hagan had to run a 40-yard dash on pro day so he could improve his time. "The day I ran a 4.8 there was a tough day for me, but the film shows that I'm faster than that," he stated. "I ran a 4.74 at the pro day, so it went good for me. The linebacker drills we did at pro day were different than the combine, but everything else was the same – the running, lifting, stuff like that. It felt good being at home and showing the scouts what I can do."

While Robinson acknowledged that the combine carried a lot of pressure with it, he was happy to go through that experience. One aspect of the combine that was invaluable was meeting representatives, sometimes as high as head coaches, of various NFL clubs in person. "I talked to a lot of teams," he recalled. "I can't say who was more interested in me, because they all were. I'm the type of person that wants to see results, so it doesn't matter how much a team talks to me. We'll see who picks me in the draft."

Fellow linebacker Jamar Williams was the only other Sun Devil to partake in the combine, and while he ran an impressive 4.63 in Indianapolis, he was happy to run again in Tempe." I ran a 4.53 average on pro day," said Williams. "I can still run better, but under the circumstances it was fine. The position drills went well. It was a good pro day for me, but I know I can get better."

During the combine Williams indicated that he talked to many teams, but said: "The teams that talked to me the most were the Steelers, Jaguars, and the Chargers. I'm expecting those teams and some others to invite me for personal workouts."

At 6-3 184 Mike Davis has the cornerback frame many teams in the NFL desire. While he wasn't invited to the combine, he sounded like one who made the most of his session at the Kajikawa Practice Facility. "I got good reviews here," Davis commented. "I ran a 4.51, but a couple of weeks ago I ran a 4.4 so hopefully I can run that again." Due to injuries to fellow senior cornerbacks R.J. Oliver and Josh Golden, Davis was regulated to wide receiver drills with Hagan and company. "I felt like a fish out of water, but as long as I caught more balls than Derek I felt pretty good," he said laughing. "You're already on the radar if they know your name, and pro day can give teams some idea on how you're gonna do. But they will really go off game tape. You can run a 4.3, but the bottom line is they're gonna see ‘can you play?' I have quite a few teams interested in me, so I'm optimistic about today. I just want to show them that I'm not a fluke (smile)."

The last two players who went through position drills (Matt Miller started but had to sit out most of them due to injury) were tight end Lee Burghgraef and receiver Moey Mutz. "I expected my times to be what they were- high 4.9's and I would like to drop it," said Burghgraef. "But other than that I really can't complain. The drills here aren't that much different from what I'm used to. I was running routes with the WR's and stuff like that. This is my shot to get some teams' attention and all it takes is one team. I'm just asking for a chance to make it to a team camp."

"I ran a 4.48 which is OK, I'd like to run lower," said Mutz. "Everything else I did - the vertical jump and all that came up good and my position drills went well. Pro day is important to me because I didn't have a lot of touchdowns and catches, and having Derek here helps a lot because he brought a lot of scouts. My agent has been talking to some teams, so we'll see what happens."

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