Parker Continues Father's ASU Legacy

This weekend marked the biggest gathering of Sun Devil football alumni ever. Heritage and tradition were quite evident through the various events and gatherings. Thus, it was probably only fitting that Colin Parker, son of ASU great Anthony Parker, decided on Saturday to be the first player in the 2007 class to commit to the maroon and gold and play on the very same field his father excelled in.

"Starting last week at Junior Day I've been thinking a lot," said the 6-2 210 Colin Parker. "It just seemed like a good time to do it." The Sun Devils weren't apprehensive of Parker's torn ACL and offered him a scholarship, which naturally made a huge impact on him. "It did make a big difference," he admitted. "After my injury, I really wasn't expecting anything at all until after my senior year. When ASU offered me, it really surprised me because most schools won't take a chance on someone who tore an ACL. I did take it as a sign as respect and that they have enough faith in me offering a scholarship while I'm hurt. That had to do a lot with my decision."

In a previous interview to Devils Digest, the Hamilton standout indicated that his father never pressured him to join the maroon and gold, and as he was starting to make up his mind that trend continued. "He always said that whenever you're ready to make your decision you'll know it," Parker commented. "He never pressured me, but he was happy when I told him I'm going to ASU. It was nice to have him behind me, but not force me."

Parker, who is recruited to play safety, was offered a scholarship at the same time as teammate wide receiver Kerry Taylor. Naturally, some will now look for Parker to try and convince Taylor to join rank. "I really don't know what he'll do," he claimed. "I know it likes it here and he likes Oregon State a lot. They offered him along with ASU and San Diego State. He really hasn't made up his mind. He may be leaning towards somewhere, but for him it's gonna happen in the next couple of months. He will go to some camps this summer and see how he does there. So, I don't know when he'll make his decision but I hope it is here (smile)."

The inaugural 2007 class commit of the Sun Devils played in ten games last season before his injury. During that period he had 60 tackles, two sacks and two fumble recoveries. His condition won't allow him to practice for a couple more months, but he should be ready to go for the Huskies' pre-season practice at the end of July.

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