Not Too Early For 2003 Recruiting

Signing day for the 2003 recruits may be over seven months away, but that doesn't stop ASU from hitting the hot summer pavement in search for blue chippers. Here are some of the prospects who have caught the Sun Devils' attention, as well as their comments on possibly wearing the maroon and gold.

QB Richard Kovalcheck, 6-3 205 ASU offered him couple of months ago. Problem is that he's coveted by Arizona, Colorado, Oregon St., San Diego St., and Washington all offered as well. Others schools that are interested in are: Both LA schools, Michigan St., Boston College, and Texas A&M. Kovalcheck did participate in ASU's summer camp, and came away with these impressions: "I like ASU, and it does attract me. The campus is real nice, and it has good facilities. They also have nice coaches, who are easy to relate to."

Even an injury-shortened season couldn't damper the numbers he put up during his junior year. He had 21 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He passed for 1,922 yards with 60% accuracy. When we asked him about his strengths he did mention his: "Good accuracy, and making good reads."

OL Sam Baker, 6-5 290 ASU offered him a couple months ago as well. The Sun Devils offer is one of many for Baker, who has offers from USC, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington. He loves Florida, but as of now they haven't offered him. The lineman was full of praise for ASU's coach Tom Osborne: "I've known coach Oz for a few years now, and he's a real cool guy. One of the best coaches to deal with in the recruiting process... I don't know much about ASU. I'd love to visit them, as well as USC and Florida." Baker didn't do much pass blocking in high school so far, so by his own admission he's better at: "Run blocking, trapping, and pulling." Nevertheless, he's considered one of the most dominating offensive linemen in the west region.

WR Corey Mazza, 6-4 197 With a 6-4 frame, and a 4.4 time in the 40-yard dash, it's not hard to see why this receiver will be one of the hottest commodities during the recruiting season. Mazza participated in ASU's summer camp, and came away impressed: "I learned a lot in camp. Their coaching staff was great, and they made it a very comfortable atmosphere. I really enjoyed the great facilities there." Mazza traveled with high school teammate kicker Jesse Ainsworth. The kicker committed shortly after camp, and he's doing a hard sell job on the ASU coaches to offer his teammate a scholarship as well. "ASU hasn't offered yet. I haven't talked with them since camp, but they told me I'm on their short list. I'm preparing a highlight tape from last year, so I can mail them. I'm also gonna send them more tapes when the season starts again."

Mazza camped at both Colorado schools, and he said that CSU is more serious about him than Colorado is. He camped at both Cal and Stanford, which are interested as well. UCLA is showing interest, but the fact that they are already actively recruiting 6 WR's, doesn't make Mazza feel all that confident about his chances of playing in Westwood. What does the receiver look for in a program? "Location is not much of a factor. I'll go as east as Colorado or Arizona. I'm looking for a good football program with coaches who treat you right, and are player friendly. I want to play in a program that has tradition and integrity."

Mazza's physical attributes and speed make him a lethal combination. "They throw me a lot of fade passes, but 8 of my 10 touchdowns (he caught 47 passes for 850 yards) were because I beat my man one-on-one. Last year I was more of the big play receiver, so this year I hope to work more in the short passing game, and on my moves," Unlike most recruits, he's not adverse to verbaling early. "I'm looking for the ideal situation. If it happens early in the recruiting process, then I'll verbal right there."

WR Eryk Allen, 6-4 185 How interested is this player in the Sun Devils? "If they offered me, I would accept right away." Allen has current ASU player Jamal Lewis lobbying on his behalf, and it's working because the Devils are showing interest. Colorado St. has already offered him, and Colorado, Oklahoma, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming are showing interest in the receiver. "I'm looking for a program with tradition in a good location." He says, "I was in Tempe for the Fiesta Bowl, and I liked there a lot." Allen lists his strengths as: "Running good routes, especially the goal line fade route…I need to work on not over thinking too much, so I can have quicker moves in the open field." Allen, who runs a 4.6, would like to "Get the recruiting process over with early, so I can enjoy my senior season." The receiver had a fine junior season catching 60 passes for 1,026 yards, and 12 touchdowns.

OL Drew Radovich, 6-5 275 His father played for legendary ASU coach Frank Kush. His sister attends Arizona. Ironically enough, both of the schools take a back seat to his two favorites USC and Washington, who both extended scholarship offers. On ASU (his #3 school) he says: "They offered two months ago. They made a great impression on me. With my dad playing there, I'm pretty familiar with the program. If I went there I feel like I'll be continuing the tradition." Colorado and Wash. St. have also offered scholarships, and national powerhouses such as Miami, Nebraska and Texas have shown interest. What will win Radovich over? "A lot will depend on the offensive line coach, and his style of coaching." The lineman characterizes his game as: "Well rounded. I'm good at both run blocking and pass blocking." ASU ties or not, it would a major coup for ASU to land the services of this blue chipper.

LB Ammon Wolfley, 6-2 205 Wolfley is one of the better prospects from the Phoenix area this year, who recorded over 100 tackles in his junior season. Due to personal reasons he missed ASU's camp, which he feels that may have contributed to the fact that the Sun Devils haven't offered him yet. "They just haven't seen enough of me on film, so it's a shame that I couldn't be in camp. I'm just gonna try and show ASU as much as I can about myself…They're my top school, so I want to make a good impression." Arizona, Stanford, UCLA, Stanford, and Northwestern have all shown interest. His only scholarship offer has come from Utah St. "I'm not gonna close anyone out." He says, "But I want to play in the Pac-10." Wolfley who runs a 4.69 lists his biggest strength as "Running well from sideline to sideline. I do need to improve my size, so I get off blocks better." The linebacker plans to graduate in December, a rarity in high school, so an early verbal may not be out of the question for this local product.

RB Lendale White, 6-1 225 White says he's in "No hurry to make a decision. I'm gonna take all five visits." and as one of the best running back prospects out there he can afford to sit back and take his time as scholarship offers pile up. "ASU offered me a couple of months ago. USC, Texas, Arizona, Kansas St., also offered me...Maybe there's a school out there that will wise up and offer me later (smile)." The running back, who doesn't have a leader, did offer some kind words about the Sun Devils: "I was introduced to the program by Courtney Hysaw (former ASU player) I like the tradition there. It's a great school, and a real good program…You see players like J.R. Redmond, and Levi Jones who's the #10 pick in the draft…That's impressive." White who's a powerful back runs a 4.5. As a junior he was sensational rushing for 1,850 yards and 30 touchdowns. By his own admission, White says that he's a "Powerful player…I have a lot of agility and quickness. I'm very elusive, but I can also run you over." With these stats and skills, who wouldn't want to have this player on their sideline…?

RB Durrell Moss, 6-0 175 A participant in ASU's summer camp impressed the Sun Devil coaches and feels that a scholarship offer could be coming. "I like coach Nordquist. All the coaches they were cool. They've been talking a lot to my coaches, so I know they're interested…I wish I had more time there in Tempe to take a look around campus." Washington who already offered him, as well as ASU and UCLA make up his top three. Other schools interested are Colorado, and Oregon. When we asked him about his skills he said: "I can run well between the tackles, and also around the tackles (he was clocked at 4.4). I also catch very well…I do need to work on running lower to the ground."

DT Chad Sutter, 6-4 260 This heavily heralded prospect hasn't gotten any offers yet, but there's a good reason: "My high school coach resigned, so I'm getting less attention than other players. I'm not worried; it's way too early in the year. He was voted the top lineman in the NIKE Eugene camp. ASU, along with Washington, USC, and Oregon are his leaders. "Washington is home… USC is the school in California…In Oregon they're just crazy about football…ASU has nice facilities, and good looking women (smile)…I tell you if all four schools offered me, I would have a real tough time deciding." Sutter's former coach has really been pumping up ASU after visiting there. The lineman wasn't able to go to ASU's camp, but looks forward to visit Tempe. When we asked him about his skills he said: "I'm very physical. Aggression is key in Football. I train with Steve Entman (ex-Washington lineman), and he gives me a lot of knowledge about the game. I consider him a mentor, and he'll help me choose the right school."

ATH Dennis Keyes, 6-1 190 "ASU hasn't offered" Says Keyes "But they have shown a lot of interest, and want to offer…" He can play free safety or running back, but for him "There's no preference, I just want play." Keyes is one of the best prospects on the West Coast, and the offers have been pouring in from UCLA, Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St., and Colorado. However, ASU and USC who haven't offered, along with UCLA are his top three. His impression of ASU was very positive: "I talked to coach English and I liked him a lot. He came off real professional. ASU is a young program, with a lot of promise. It's a team that can get the job done in the future. I like younger programs because it's easier to get to know people. It's also nice to surprise people who looked past you. It's always fun to prove people wrong."

This gifted athlete posses a 4.4 speed and a good knowledge of game since he's been playing from age 6. Keyes told us he's in no hurry to make his decision. "I want to take my visits, and maybe make a decision by mid-season."

WR Quintin Daniels, 6-0 171

A very gifted receiver, who runs a 4.5. ASU offered him in May, and Daniels was down in Tempe already for an unofficial visit. "I like them a lot, and I want to learn more about them. I heard a lot of good things from my good fired Mike Davis, so I'm definitely interested." He lists UCLA, who offered him as well, is his leader. Washington offered too, and along with Oregon, Notre Dame, and Stanford are schools that have caught his eye.

Daniels lists his skill as being: "Very fast… I have good field awareness, and I'm very competitive. I have good hands, and I make a lot of big plays. I do need to forget about mistakes in the ball game, and not dwell on them." Daniels caught 32 balls for 563 yards and seven touchdowns

WR Devin Stearns, 6-2 175 Stearns is a stellar safety, and a solid Basketball player, but it's the wide receiver position that schools are coveting him as. ASU offered him just a few days ago. "I like them a lot. They're an open coaching staff, and I'd like to get to know them and the school." Arizona, Colorado, UCLA, and Wisconsin have all offered. Stearns is also interested in Florida, Oregon, USC, and both Michigan schools. Stearns who Caught 32 balls for 724 yards and nine touchdowns, lists UCLA, Washington, and both Arizona schools as his leaders. Clocked at 4.41 this speedy receiver has good hands, and good field vision. He will undoubtedly be considered the top recruit for any school who's lucky enough to sign him for a letter of intent.

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