Hagan, Williams Elated with NFL Fortunes

Sure, each of them would have loved to get picked higher than they did. However, Derek Hagan and Jamar Williams realize that draft slot aside; they both fell into great situations when they got picked Miami and Chicago respectively. Devils Digest talked to the two ex-Sun Devils following the NFL draft.

With their third round pick (82nd overall) the Miami Dolphins selected all-time Pac-10 receptions leader Derek Hagan. The wide receiver admitted he was disappointed, but his feeling of excitement was definitely the prevailing notion this past weekend. "It feels great just getting drafted," he said. "No more guessing on where I'm going to play…it will be nice to go back to playing football. I'm happy it's a warm weather team like Miami. My blood is getting thin from living in Southern California and Arizona (smile)."

Hagan was actually awoken by the phone call from the Dolphins on Saturday, and needless to say that he didn't mind being disturbed. "I saw this 954 area code on the caller ID, and I didn't know who it was and if I should pick up (smile)," recalled Hagan. "I was surprised to hear that it was a Dolphins representative on the line. Last time I talked to them was the Senior Bowl…but the draft is weird that way. Some players get picked by teams that barely keep in contact with you."

The former Sun Devils standout doesn't shy away from the 'will you have a chip on your shoulder. "I'm always out there proving people wrong," expressed Hagan. "Wanting to do that (proving people wrong) will give me an edge when I play on Sundays." The wide receiver acknowledged that the fact that the friendship Dolphins Head Coach nick Saban has with ASU Defensive Coordinator Bill Miller, had a significant impact on Hagan's selection. "Coach Miller has been around me and knows what I can do."

This weekend Hagan will venture to Miami to be introduced to the local media and participate in spring practice with the team – a series of events he's anxious to see happen. "It's great going to a team that has so much experience," commented Hagan. "If it wasn't for Peyton Manning, Dante Culpepper should have been the MVP two years ago, and he's a great quarterback. Chris Chambers is a great receiver, which maybe is a little unknown. I'm gonna learn from the best, and that's a great situation."

Much like Hagan, Jamar Williams (picked in the 4th round, 120th overall) was selected by a team that hasn't contacted him in a while, the NFL Combine to be exact two and half months ago. "I was surprised, because they showed very little interest," he said. "I never thought of myself going there."

The linebacker stated that he expected to be a first day draft pick, which resulted in a stressful and sleepless Saturday night. Furthermore, Sunday didn't get kicked off in a good manner either, where Jamar was getting passed on and having what he thought as less talented linebackers getting picked before him in the fourth round. "I just went to sleep because I was mad," explained Williams. "So Coach Lovie Smith woke me up and said there were gonna pick me."

The linebacker was also pleased with the fact that he will be learning from such acclaimed linebacker teammates in Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher. "Urlacher is a guy I watch a lot on TV, and he's one of the best linebackers," said Williams. "I was lucky that at both the Bears and Devils are great teams where I can learn from great players. I'm excited to know where I'm playing now and it's exciting to be in a great situation at a great team."

Williams, who realizes that he has to make his presence known on special teams, indicated that he will be introduced to the Chicago Media this weekend, the same weekend where he'll go to practice with his new teammates.

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