Williams Pleased with Contract, Life in NFL

Former ASU linebacker Jamar Williams, who was selected by the Chicago Bears in the fourth round of the 2006 draft, has reportedly signed a four-year contract worth $2.025 million. Devils Digest caught up with the elated Sun Devil and got his reaction to this life changing event, and his experiences in general as a professional football player.

According to ESPN.com, Jamar Williams will be awarded a $415,000 signing bonus and a minimum base salary of $275,000 in 2006. His salaries in 2007-09 will be $360,000, $445,000 and $530,000 respectively. Williams impressed NFL scouts at the league combine registering a time of 4.59 in the 40-yard dash. At Arizona State he displayed much versatility, playing both weak-side and strong-side linebacker, as he collected 256 tackles in 48 games.

"It feels good man," he told Devils Digest following his signing. "It's great to have such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I did expect it to happen this early and it's just a part of a perfect situation I'm in. I like the terms of the deal…I'm pretty happy with everything about the Bears so far (smile)."

"I'm like a kid in the candy store – just loving every moment here," continued Williams. "Everyday you come into the practice facility; it hits you that you made it to the NFL. It has been a great experience. I already feel my skills developing, and with my work ethic I know I will grow so much more and the Bears will give me the chance to do it. I feel that I'm doing really well knowing the defense and executing my assignments."

The Bears linebacker mentioned that he expects to learn from the many great players the team has, but hasn't specified one player that has been a mentor or has taken him under their wing. "I know no one is gonna be there to hold my hand," he quipped. "I know I have to do my part too." Time will tell if fellow linebacker Lance Briggs, who played at ASU's archrival Arizona, will be one of those players. In the meantime, there has been some friendly bantering flying around between both players. "I haven't seen him too much," commented Williams, "but some stuff came up between us in the meeting room (laughs). I'm sure we'll get into it a little more later on, but it's all good – we're on the same team now."

The Bears' practice facility is in Lake Forrest, Ill., which according to Williams is somewhat far from Chicago. Thus, the windy city hasn't been a frequent destination during his stay. "I haven't seen the city too much," said Williams. "I just bought a place, and I will be closing on it very soon. I just hang out at Lake Forrest and Wheeling – that's where myself and pretty much all the other players live."

Aside from a house, Williams who by his own admission is "not too flashy", doesn't expect to go a post-contract signing extravagant shopping spree. "I just want to take care of family," he explained. "I probably want a nice car, but I don't even know what I will get. I never shopped for a new car before. But I really don't plan to buy much."

Out of all the Sun Devil players that participated in NFL camps in the spring, Williams is the first one to sign a contract. In fact, he's the second-highest selected player in the 2006 draft to sign his first contract. Ironically, Williams is second only to top pick Mario Williams, the Houston Texans defensive end.

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