Lineman Going Camping This Summer

Devils Digest caught up with Sun Devil prospect Sam DeMartinis, and learned about his unique travel plans this month.

The 6-6 270 Sam DeMartinis will be taking advantage of a break in his high school's pre-season practices to venture to the Grand Canyon State. His upcoming visit to ASU won't be your typical unofficial recruiting visit. "My family and I are going to Camp T on Saturday August 12th to watch the team scrimmage," he said. "I've already been to the campus over spring break, and I did hear a lot about Camp T, so I wanted to check it out for myself."

In 2005, incoming Sun Devil freshman Rodney Glass, was a teammate of DeMartinis at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Calif. DeMartinis stated that he hasn't talked to the running back in a while, but didn't dismiss the notion that he could influence his resolution on where to attend college. "I'm sure I'll talk to him when I visit," commented DeMartinis. "It would be nice to know someone down there if I decide to go to ASU. He'll probably play a factor in my decision."

DeMartinis was very complimentary of his former teammate and his skills, which made his life on the line of scrimmage that much easier. "He's obviously fast, but he's also a player than just needs a little crack in the line to run away with the ball," he explained. "He's very explosive and can turn a five-yard run into a 60-yard touchdown. He can make the offensive linemen look really good in a game."

DeMartinis has a top three of Arizona State, Arizona, and Cal. He briefly discussed the reasons he likes each of those three Pac-10 programs:

ASU - "They're gonna take five offensive linemen in the class, so I'm really gonna get to know my teammates. It's a program on a rise and I can see myself being part of it. They have an offense that passes more than it runs, and that's how my high school plays so I can relate to that."

Arizona - "I haven't been there yet, but I will visit them the day before Camp T. The coaches have been to my school already. They should be a good team the next few years."

Cal - "I've been there just once, and will go there again next week (before both Arizona visits). They're supposed to be ranked really high this year."

The Left tackle, who idolizes the NFL's Walter Jones from the Seattle Seahawks, is determined to fully focus on his senior season and not let any recruiting distractions enter his mind. "I'm gonna decide late January," he said. "I'm not gonna take any visits during the season, and if we go deep into the playoffs, I won't be done playing until middle of December. Then you have Christmas and New Year's, so I'll probably won't go on any visits until January. After the season I'll sit down with my family and see what visits I will take and will the time allow it."

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