Munns Makes Presence Known Early

Some learn best by participating in an activity, and others gain a wealth of knowledge just by observing. Consider Gerald Munns to be in the later group. The true freshman, a regular visitor during spring practices, has turned many heads with his performance. Yet, the linebacker is very humble when talking about his accomplishments and feels that he's not guaranteed playing time in his first year.

"I'm feeling real good right now," said the 6-3 238 Gerald Munns. "It's not about being on the first team or second team. It's just about fitting in and proving ourselves so we get a good look from the coaches."

You can make an argument that Munns is dishing out what he was taking in a few months ago. The Chandler Hamilton linebacker made virtually each and every spring practice, making his acquaintance with the Sun Devil football team through and through. "It really helped me be familiar with the players, coaches, drills, and certain techniques," he explained. "It's definitely helped me get an early start, get familiar with the calls. By the time you start practicing, a lot of things are already familiar to you and that helps you concentrate on other stuff. That way you're not overwhelmed."

In his senior year, Munns had approximately 140 tackles and eight sacks. The Huskies' standout was considered the best linebacker in the state, and made several first-team All-State 5A lists. He yearned to don the maroon and gold, and once the home team offered a scholarship he wasted no time in committing. "It definitely makes it much easier, being so close to home," he admitted. "Everything is familiar and it's an easy transition. I show my roommate (Danny Sullivan) around town and that helps him out."

Munns' stellar prep career was spent at middle linebacker. At Arizona State, he's asked to play the SAM (strong side) role, and by all accounts it has been a smooth transition for him. "I had to make more adjustments because now I'm on the line of scrimmage," he said, "using my hands more, coming off the edge, pass rush…I cover the flats more than just covering the hook and curl. Stuff like that…"

The true freshman is part of a linebacker core that is coming into 2006 with many question marks regarding their experience. On the other hand, their performance on the field is threatening to put those doubts to rest. "It's great that we have so many good linebackers, " remarked Munns. "We're all trying to get better and make this defense one of the best in the nation. Coach Miller everyday talks about us being 114th in the nation, and you get sick of hearing that and wanting to take some pride and get better every time you're on the field."

Munns is truly unsure if he will redshirt or not, even though he's probably be the best linebacker on the field thus far in the pre-season. One thing that the true freshman is sure about is what he's expecting up in the pines near Payson. "Yeah I heard the horror stories about camp and the scrimmage is on my birthday too," he said. "I'm told that I better watch out for the towels…"

And opposing defenses will soon have to watch out and be prepared for Gerald Munns

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