Scrimmage Quotes

Here are some post-scrimmage reactions from the Sun Devil coaches and players.

Head coach Dirk Koetter

On their performance on 3rd and short in the scrimmage:

"I wouldn't give it the stamp of approval yet. We're experimenting with a couple of things. There are some things you can only experiment in live football, it's tough to manufacture when you're not going full speed. We have to keep on grinding on that one and figure it out. That's on me."

If Ryan McFoy will redshirt and other newcomers redshirting

"He's close. We haven't decided on him yet. It's pretty safe to say that Judah and Goethel will play this year, maybe even start. Of the freshmen (on offense), Dimitri Nance has a chance. He's a good football player and a good special teams player too. We're pretty deep at tailback right now. We're only halfway through camp, we'll see what happens."

On the kicking game in the scrimmage

"I was pleased with everything, expect with a couple of penalties we had in there which were foolish. The punters punted the ball pretty well, and for the most part we covered pretty well. Field Goals – Jesse (Ainsworth) was his usual self. Thomas Webber will be a good kicker for us."

On when Terry Richardson will get some looks as a returner, and how does he like the other returners so far

"(Nate) Kimbrough and (Chris) McGaha are really good return guys, but they're 3 and 4 on the depth chart behind Terry and Rudy (Burgess). Terry gets some reps at practice, and we know what he can do. Kimbrough and McGaha always do a good job back there. McGaha had a good day overall, as did Kimbrough – they both had five catches (each) today."

On his timetable for a decision at quarterback

"After the scrimmage (the second one on Friday the 18th). It may be worked out by then, I don't know. At the latest after the scrimmage. I'm still undecided (on who will start)."

Sam Keller

On his performance in the scrimmage

"I felt that I did OK. I felt I made some inconsistent plays, try to force some balls. I just have to get over that – two, three bad plays a day. Out here I think I was trying a little too hard today, trying to get touchdowns, get the tempo going, when I should have been patient."

On the running game performance

"Look at it – we're a physical team! I loved it – defense was popping, running backs running downhill. It's looking good out there and I'm enjoying it."

On switching back and forth from the first team to the second team, and splitting the reps

"I'm a rhythm guy. I love to be in there all the time. I like throwing it 40, 50 times a game, even though it's probably not the best thing for our offense. But that's where we at right now – we have two good quarterbacks and we need to split the time, so we both get some looks."

On whether he's anxious for the decision on the starting quarterback to come down or is he taking it in stride

"I'm taking everything in stride. Not only to find that (the decision) out, but just being out here with my linemen, my teammates…just enjoying my last year. It's done after this year and I have to take it all in. You really have to slow yourself down and embrace it. This team, this program – is bigger than I am. I'm just enjoying myself and trying to be positive with everything, because there's a lot of negative things I can't let get in my head right now."

Rudy Carpenter

On his performance in the scrimmage

"I thought I did an OK job. I think I did a good job in that when the opportunity presented itself, I took off and ran. That helped a lot and I think that's one of the reason why Coach Koetter lets us go live today. Obviously this being the first scrimmage, we can all get better. The defense did a great job. I think what stood out the most in this scrimmage was just how physical our team is. Guys are banging and hitting. If we can stay healthy that will benefit our team."

On switching back and forth from the first team to the second team, and splitting the reps

"I think the only reason it would be hard, is because you're trying to establish a rhythm with a certain group, especially with certain wide receivers. But it's something I just have to adjust to. One of us is gonna be the starter and the other will be the backup. At some point of time, one of us will have to get in if the other is hurt, and you don't know if you're playing with the 1's or 2's."

Defensive coordinator Bill Miller

On his defense's performance

"I think we've done some good things, since we've been here. We're still trying to piece this thing together and get the best 11 guys out there. Still trying to determine who we can trust, who's gonna play hard, who's gonna be physical, all those types of things…there's a lot that has to be worked out, but I'm pleased with their effort. Playing defense has to do with what you have between your ears. It's your mentality, your attitude…that's what we have to develop. It's been a good camp so far."

On the defensive line's performance

"I definitely think we're gonna be a different front four and a better front four than we were a year ago. There's no question about that. We have to develop consistency and eliminate some question marks we have.

On his linebackers group putting down the inexperience talk and performing well.

"They're a lot of new faces and there's still reason to be concerned, because they're awfully young. But we have physical guys there, who are also athletes. I'm real pleased with them so far, and we still need to keep working at it. The whole group is playing well."

Thoughts on the secondary

"Obviously the safeties are real good players. They've really come on. I think we have a good young safety in Ryan McFoy. I've been trying to work with theses corners and solidify a position that's thin otherwise. We already have some injuries there and we don't what that happening."

On the work that lies ahead for the defense

"I guess the easy way to answer is that we need to improve the whole thing and how we perform. Let me say this – that group from last year gave great effort. I'm not apologizing for them whatsoever, but I guarantee that when we didn't play well, it wasn't because lack of effort. We got to do it all. We can't just be a good run defense and not a good pass defense. Don't get caught up in stats; get caught in with win and losses and making plays. That's what we're shooting for."

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