Koetter's Post-Scrimmage Quotes

The following are the comments made by head coach Dirk Koetter following the camp ending scrimmage.

On the performance of the offense and the defense:

"Tonight was one of those nights, like we had a few other times during games, when everything went right on offense. Even things we did wrong went right tonight. Defense didn't play really well. But for those who have been with us this whole time, you'll know that our defense has gotten the best of our offense, the majority of practices. Tonight, it totally went the other way. That's one practice in 18. They'll be nights where the offense has to carry it, and I think they'll be nights when the defense has to carry it. They (the defense) were missing a couple of key players. I didn't think the defense had the same emotion they had most of fall camp. The offense got to a fast start and it just snowballed from there."

On the two personalities of Keller and Carpenter.

"We're always gonna have good quarterbacks here. To play quarterback in our system – we put a lot on those guys. I'm very close to both of those guys. Even though they're different off the field, they're both great competitors on the field. This was such a close competition. I asked both of them one night at Camp T ‘if you wanna do it, let's play two quarterbacks. I've done it before and I'll do it again.' But they didn't want to do it, so I had to make a decision on one guy. The fact that Sam is a senior, didn't redshirt his first year – that's sacrificing something for the program. If it was flipped over, and Rudy was a senior, this might have gone the other way. I'm confident this will work out and if this doesn't work out with Sam, then you have a great backup waiting in the wings."

"I need all you Sun Devil fans to rally behind Sam and rally behind our team. If something happens to Sam and Rudy comes in, cheer like hell and let's get behind Rudy. This is Sun Devil football, we made the decision, we have two proven guys – let's go. If we were announcing our starting left guard tonight, half of you guys (the media) would be in bed already."

On whether other positions are up for grabs or cemented like the quarterback one

"We'll know the next couple of days after we watch this film from the scrimmage. I think it's easy to see that our wide receiver depth…you have Mike Jones and Jamaal (Lewis) out and you have other guys stepping up. Nate Kimbrough had a huge night tonight. Tailback is another position we've very deep at right now. Keegan (Herring) is our returning starter, but you have (Shaun) DeWitty, (Ryan) Torain, Dimitri (Nance) hanging right in there. Tight end, we're thin right now and we were even thinner tonight. We had to make adjustments with our formations…there are plenty of positions still being sorted out. After we grade the film, we'll put out a new depth chart Monday or Tuesday."

On whether Rudy Burgess will still practice and play at cornerback "We had so many guys down on offense, I told Al (Simmons) we just needed to keep him on O. He's going to have to play both ways, our corners aren't playing good enough and tonight was an example our corners had the worst night of 18 and if Rudy is quick enough to pick it up he's going to have to play both ways."

On when he decided to make a decision on a starting quarterback

"A couple days ago I made the decision and the question was, was it going to be after 18 or 19 practices and I've been saying that all summer. The last several days I have noticed it hasn't been fun for both guys and I talked to coach Wittke. "We decided to make the decision before the game because I didn't want tonight's results to make our decision and you can't base it on tonight especially when certain players aren't available."

The team has been ranked in preseason top 25 for the last four years and finished out the season out of the top 25

"The past doesn't equal the future. This is 2006."

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