Q&A with Coach Roy Wittke

Devils Digest sat down with the Sun Devils' offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach following Sunday's practice. One of the topics was obviously the new depth chart at this position with the naming of Rudy Carpenter as the starter.

Devils Digest: With camp ending how do you feel about the Quarterback situation?

Roy Wittke: "We've had a good camp and it's obviously been a competitive situation. We've got a lot of good work done, have made strides and have gotten better. We're looking forward to getting into the grind of the regular season."

DD: How has Rudy Carpenter developed since the beginning of spring until now?

RW: "He's continued to work hard at making improvements and being a guy who's already been under center in live action before. He's spent a lot of time trying to refine his game and work on some of the little things, the finer points. He's thrown the ball well and continues to make good decisions. The most important thing is that he improves and continues to get better."

DD: In light of Sam Keller no longer the number one QB and the possibility of him leaving who is now number two on the depth chart?

RW: "The quarterback will be Danny Sullivan…he's done a great job of picking up our system so far and were confident he is ready to take on any challenge presented to him."

DD: You have two players on your roster, Mike Nixon and Mike Jones, which have played QB before. Are they an option to move to that position?

RW: "Not yet, but obviously that is something that will be kept in the back of our minds in emergency situations."

DD: How has it been adapting to a new coaching scheme since your joined the team in the spring?

RW: "It's been outstanding. It's a great place to be and a great place to work…Coach Koetter is an outstanding person to work for...we've got a tremendous work staff and our players are a lot of fun to be around."

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