Q&A with Coach John Wrenn

It's been a while since the Sun Devils had so much depth at running back, and that's why Coach Wrenn loves every minute as the newest addition to ASU's coaching staff. Devils Digest sat down with the running backs coach to get his take on the players at his position.

Devils Digest: "Coach, with one week left in the pre-season how do the Running Backs look right now?

John Wrenn: "It's fun to coach them, they work really hard as a team, there are really no big heads and it's nice that there is depth so we can change people in and out."

DD: Keegan was outstanding last year as a freshman, and he's now the starter here. What separates him from the other Backs?

JW: "Maybe that he already played last year…to me it's not who really starts but who finishes."

DD: Ryan Torain joined the team in the fall how has he improved so far?

JW: "Ryan's been a wonderful young man, he's a great kid. He works hard…he wants to do well and fit in. He has come from a program where he shared the ball, it's a good situation and he's happy to be here."

DD:Shaun DeWitty was great in the spring, how do you feel he has truly improved since then?

JW: "I think he's improved a lot…I think he's going to be a tremendous asset to this program he's a great young man, smart and intelligent and he can run the football."

DD: How would you evaluate the play of Rodney Glass and Preston Jones?

JW: "Both of them have played well, I can't ask for any more. Preston came back form his second serious injury and has played well, Rodney is a little undersized he's got great speed and starting to develop."

DD: What is the current depth chart for the tailbacks? JW: "I put Keegan as one, and Torian and DeWitty as 1A, and then...Preston and Dimitri as two."

DD: Do you feel that the lack of experience in this group may be overrated?

JW: "I don't think this is important."

DD: Pass blocking by the tailbacks is so important in this offense, how do you feel this group is performing that task?

JW: "They're getting better and better at this and this is where DeWitty and Torian have really helped us a lot because of their size and I think there going to be huge assets."

DD: On that note, how would you rate the group' receiving abilities?

JW: "They all catch the ball, and Keegan has really improved since the spring…they've been fantastic."

DD: With such a prolific passing attack, do you feel that the sky is the limit for a running game that won't see too many eight-man fronts?

JW: "I hope so, were really excited about it, and I think our young men are really going to show up this year…we're a team and we're going to do what it takes to win it's the most important thing."

DD: Lastly, you've been here since the spring, how has this transition from high school to college football been for you?

JW: "It's been a ball, I'm having a good time learning a lot, and trying to put my input in. It's been great the other coaches have helped me and I just want to fit in."

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