Student Section 101

School is back in session and with the first home football tomorrow we think it's time to take a quick refresher course on the student section for football games. There are a handful of things to remember (or learn) about the student section before the first game of the season. So put away that MP3 player, turn off your cell phone and take out a pen and some paper and let's begin class.

1. You may think it's cool to show up late to the game but it's not (ASU football games are not Hollywood premiers and you are not Jack Nicholson). We guarantee you there are at least ten people in your row that are ticked off your stumbling across them to find the rest of your buddies while we're driving down the field to score a touchdown. Treat the football games like you would your Biology 101 exam days with that pesky professor who won't accept late arrivals…GET TO THE GAMES EARLY.

2. It is socially acceptable and preferred that you act like a loud hooligan in the student section. The louder and crazier you are the better EXCEPT when our team is on offense. Please refrain from screaming and yelling when we have the football. We do not care what the cheerleaders are telling you to do, please take it upon yourself to not make noise when you know you shouldn't be. This team had a hard enough time last year with pre-snap penalties as is.

3. You should remain standing throughout the entire game. It's really not a student section if people are sitting so if your legs are getting tired just suck it up. The only exceptions to this are that it's a half hour or earlier before the game, its halftime or you are playing bartender and mixing drinks in your seat.

4. While it may seem like a good idea at first, never drink to the point that you are on the verge of throwing up every 30 seconds. Every year there are always some student section newbie's who have to be carried out of the stadium because they drank too much and it's definitely not cool. Vomiting about 5 gallons of beer and bratwursts will more than likely get you ejected from the game by stadium security or the police on duty. Even if you're lucky enough to not get thrown out of the game, throwing up everywhere is not going to impress that cute girl in front of you. It's alright to enjoy some adult beverages with friends before the game, just leave the Bon Scott imitation out of Sun Devil Stadium.

5. Sneaking in tortillas and throwing them onto the field after touchdowns is one of the best traditions we have here at Arizona State. It may annoy stadium security and the field crew, but it's one of the most unique traditions in our student section. However, please refrain from hitting people with arrant throws. If you throw like you're only a few days removed from Tommy John Surgery, maybe this tradition is not for you. Almost nothing upsets your fellow students more than when they are getting blasted with old, crusty tortillas that probably were snuck into the stadium in someone's underwear. Also, DO NOT throw water bottles, glass bottles, or any other dangerous objects at any time.

6. Wearing gold at ASU home games is a must. The rare exceptions are "The Puddy's," those rare creatures that take part in the sacred ritual of face/body paint in order to show their support. Also, if you have a creative costume that will look cool it's obviously alright as well. And ladies, it won't kill you to leave your favorite shirt that's not gold at home for six Saturdays this fall. In fact, those free ASU gold shirts you receive usually aren't the most stylish shirts around so feel free to make alterations, nothing is better than seeing cute girls in shredded up ASU gold tees.

7. Try to learn the fight song and all the other songs and cheers we do throughout the game. We have a great fight song: it's simple, catchy and easy to memorize. Freshman, you're not expected to know them all out of the gate but by the time conference play starts, you better be on your game.

8. Please, please do not count beyond the number of points we have scored when Sparky does his pushups. This is one of the most common mistakes made. Also, if you are brave (or drunk) enough to let students toss you up and down along with Sparky, don't complain if you end up feeling like you just finished a wrestling match with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. You take the risk; you deal with the cuts and bruises.

9. It's a football game and you're a student, so it's expected of you to talk some smack to the opposing team and its fans. Learn to talk good smack to the other team by being original and funny. But be smart about it. Don't threaten anyone or let it get personal. Also, pick the right people to engage in fun banter; do not yell at a child or an elderly couple.

10. And finally, most importantly, remember to be loud, be proud, and have fun this Thursday as we begin yet another season of Sun Devil football. We'll hopefully see you at the game. GO DEVILS!!!

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