Post-Game Quotes

Quarterback Rudy Carpenter and his teammates comment on the 35-14 win over NAU.

Rudy Carpenter

on the offense's play against NAU

"It was rough on us. The thing that we've been saying for the past two weeks is that NAU has a different style of defense that we never really see. Their safeties, linebackers…do whatever they want. Even though it's sometimes unsound, what it does is confuse us. We didn't know who to block, who to go to…we'll get better. Sometimes you can't it going and we couldn't get it going."

on how confusing the NAU defense looked

"It looked weird to us. We couldn't make our front calls…that's why we had to go no-huddle, to try and stop them from moving so much. That's a credit to them. We're gonna get better. A win is a win, no matter by how much."

on facing adversity this game

"I think it's good for us. We need that. All it's gonna do is prepare for Pac-10 games later in the season. Yeah, you want to blow people out, but it doesn't always work that way. I think what people really need to understand is that in college football, if anyone caught the Boston CollegeCentral Michigan game, it was close. Every team wants to win and every team will play its hardest. It doesn't matter if it's by one point, a win is a win. I'm happy we didn't fold or get down on each other. I think we showed we can run the ball when we need to.

Chris Baloney

on his first ever game at ASU

"It was great. I was just so excited to be out there. I came out and played my heart out tonight. We're ready to have a big season, a Rose Bowl season this year. They (NAU) had a couple of lucky plays in the first half. We anticipated them and they did them. My hat's off to them, but we got the win."

on his first TD as a Sun Devil

"I was excited – I didn't know what to do. My first interception in D-1 and I took it to the house. My son was in the stands…I was just overwhelmed. They (the defensive line and their nine sacks) were putting pressure on the quarterback and it made it easy for us."

on what was said at halftime

"I told Rudy that we have to step it up both on offense and defense. It was 14-14. Nobody knows how hard we've been practicing this summer, and we knew we had to just step it up. ‘We got to go' I told the defense, ‘we got to play hard.' In the second half they couldn't do anything and we made plays."

Rudy Burgess

on being the only WR besides Terry Richardson who caught a pass against NAU and whether he was surprised?

"Yeah, a little bit. Our offense is used to spreading the ball to all the receivers. I didn't notice that I was catching it so many times (seven catches). With their defense I was able to get open and they weren't ready at what we were throwing at them."

on the NAU defense throwing off the ASU offense "They were doing a lot of unorthodox stuff. Moving around, shifting…we weren't able to keep up with it for a while. That's when Coach Koetter said that we have to go no huddle, to put them on their toes and change up the tempo. We practice it (the no huddle) every practice, just in case for times like this."

on whether he's satisfied with the win

"I wouldn't say that we are satisfied, but it is definitely a learning experience for us which we can use later on in the season. Going against a team that played very well. We just have to be able to come out strong and not fold in the second half, coach always tells us to win the game in the fourth quarter."

Ryan Torain

on his first game "It was a good feeling. I got out there looking at the stands. This is kind of overwhelming, but you just got to go out there and have fun and ball out. I liked it a lot. It (the screen pass) was working great. Coach Koetter called it and we just went downfield with it. It was disappointing (not converting on short yardage situations), but you can't let it get you down. The defense was moving a lot and couldn't get calls picked up. That's something we have to get corrected."

on the running back and all of them having success: "We're deep. It's great having all these backs that make plays. All four backs that were in had a touchdown. Having that is good for the team. I'm not worried about it (not getting enough touches)."

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