Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

ASU's Defensive Coordinator talks about his group's performance against NAU, and previews the Nevada match-up.

Devils Digest: The defense looked sharp against NAU in the second half but gave up two big plays in the first. What was said at halftime?

Bill Miller: "They were fluke plays and the long bubble screen - that was my fault. I had my head down (to call a play) and didn't even see the quick snap. I shouldn't of had tried to sub the group out. The very first big play we had our safety fall down, and it still shouldn't of had happened."

"I think the guys settled down in the second half. We really didn't know what they were going to do we were just guessing, and it took a little while to get our feet on the ground."

DD: Did the defense gain confidence heading into this weekend?

BM: "I think they did enough good things to build on. There are a lot of good things to coach off of their mistakes."

DD: There was a lot of blitzing in the game, maybe more than usual.

BM: "We did some based off what they were in (formation)…we did quite a bit of it last year too."

DD: Derron Ware came off the edge a lot from his linebacker spot. Will he do the same in this game too?

BM: "We did that some Saturday, and you might see that this weekend. He's a guy who can make a play."

DD: Gerald Munns didn't play much and Garrett Judah didn't play at all. What was the reason for that?

BM: "It was more of a nickel game type with all the wideouts NAU played.

DD: Nevada played Fresno State last weekend. Is this an advantage seeing them already playing in a conference game?

BM: "Well, it's hard to tell, I've known Chris Ault for quite some time, and he'll have his guys ready to play and there are some things he didn't show, believe me."

DD: What improvements does the defense need to make for the Nevada game?

BM: "Well, obviously limit big plays and create turnovers. We had the ball on the ground a couple of times and couldn't get it. We just need to make better plays."

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