Coach Dirk Koetter's Post-Game Comments

ASU's Head Coach Addresses Media Following Nevada Game

On whether he found a starter between Keno Walter-White and Chris Baloney, or will continue with a rotation.

"We'll probably gonna stay with the rotation…Chris Baloney got the start tonight because he practiced a little better this week, and Keno got the start against NAU because he practiced a little better up to that point…we always talk about its great to have competition at all the position it makes everybody better we have competition at several position, at guard, wide receiver, tailback, corner, linebacker, d-line…we played a lot of guys tonight and we got to rotate a lot of people through there and that will always play dividends for you as the season goes on."

No game balls were given last week on offense. How about after this game?

"Well, I did feel a lot better about it other than we really gave up two sores were on offense and that was the only real disappointing thing. You can't have turnovers like that and that really tarnished from a point stand point a real nice effort from our defense this year, and I bet someone will get the game ball tomorrow (Sunday) on offense."

On his team's defensive performance

"This is a much better offensive team than we faced a week ago…that quarterback is a good pro. We had a lot of pressure on him tonight…we talked all week about how good his escapeibility was and we still let him escape through our fingers a few times…I thought we made plays when we needed to… last week Derron Ware was the star of the show and all week (Coach) Bill Miller made the point that we had to get Robert James on the field because we need Robert's speed. He made two huge plays tonight with his speed…also Ryan McFoy gets to be a hero tonight, of course his interception for a touchdown and his beautiful timing on his sack. I thought he tackled well. (with) All this depth (Coach) Grady Stretz is rotating those d-linemen. We rotated nine guys and we ended up playing 13 guys tonight…nine in the rotation and you can see them coming in waves and we haven't been able to do that since I've been a coach here. Linebackers - we played a lot of guys there, and two of those guys playing were freshman, Gerald Munns and Travis Goethel. Both got significant time too."

On the status of Rudy Burgess

"I haven't talked to the doctors yet, but the way I understand it is that Rudy had some sort of concussion…Rudy told me in the locker room that he remembers everything that happened and I think he was disappointed he couldn't go back in and that's something the doctors make those calls and whatever they say goes."

On whether Burgess' injury was a blessing in disguise, given the performance of the other wide receivers

"I don't think it's ever a blessing to get one of your best players hurt but I am happy with those other receivers and those guys have been practicing well…Alex King, Nate Kimbrough, Chris McGaha, Brandon Smith, Jeff Gray… our receivers form the bottom end up…McGaha continues to impress me…Nate getting behind the secondary…Mike Jones that was a beautiful catch he made for a touchdown. I'm pleased with the wide receiver depth."

On Nevada showing a different defense than they showed on film

"And different (defense) than they played last year…that's not fun when that happens…I thought our offensive coaches, Roy Wittke and Brent Myers, did a real nice job making adjustments especially at halftime. Every game takes on its own shape and its own form…I would have seen this game of us running the ball right at them and they changed their defense up and challenged us to throw it more. I wouldn't have seen us throw the ball like we did tonight, but that's how it worked out."

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