Game Day Grades: Colorado Version

Kudos and Thumbs Down for Last Week's Game versus Colorado.

Colorado Band: B-

I had the pleasure of seeing the band up close twice prior to the game. I saw them enter the pre-game tailgate area at Folsom Field, and I saw them inside Folsom for their pre-game rally. Both times I thought they played great, and I enjoyed the Colorado fight songs and tradition. However, once I got in the stadium that was the last I heard of them. The band played at an angle which was impossible for us Devils to hear in the far corner of the stadium, so do no matter how quiet the Buffalo fans were (which was pretty quiet at times) I could never hear the band. No complaints though, because sometimes you just flat out do not want to hear the opposing band play anymore, especially when you are losing. It would have been nice to hear and see them a little more, but I was a decent performance by the Buff Band.

Colorado Fans: A+

This a grade for the Colorado fans outside of the stadium which the rest of the Hell Hogs and I met on several occasions. Everywhere we went in Colorado the Buffalo fans were very nice and never said anything bad about us. Unfortunately all of them said that we were going to crush them, and we think that had something to do with the bad karma heading into the game. The only smack I got was from a random guy in a pickup truck who said go Michigan and told me to go back to Arizona as he sped on by.

Colorado Crowd: D

There was just nothing exciting about their crowd on any level. Their student section filled up right before kickoff, and half of it was gone before the 3rd quarter even started. If anyone didn't know, their student section wrapped all the way around the end zone into the first few sections. The crowd was stone cold quiet when it should have been loud and loud when it should have been quiet. I have never seen a crowd so loud when their own team was on the goal line trying to punch it in. I have also never seen a coach call a time out to quiet down his own crowd. I cannot blame them for their poor attitude because their team lost to Montana State and they knew there was little to no hope of them winning the game. However, my grades are not ranked by sympathy, they are ranked by production.

ASU Crowd: A+

I was amazed at how loud and pumped up our fans were. We truly took over Colorado that weekend, and we had at least 4 full sections of Sun Devils in the stands. We made the stadium make it feel like a home game, except the fact that it was 50 degrees cooler. Most everyone was in a great mood, and everyone stood the entire game (unfortunately for me) in my section and made a ton of noise all game long. Showing like this by our fan base will only help us gain those extra bowl bids that we might need down the road sometime.

Weather: A-

Outside of a very cold Saturday night, the Colorado weather was absolutely perfect. We got off the plane and stepped outside, and it was 75 degrees with some beautiful clouds in the sky. It was nice to leave the heat for a cool trip up to Denver where I could actually wear pants without sweating so much that it looks like I wet myself. The wind on Saturday morning was insanely hard, but it soon died down once we got into Boulder. Overall it was great weather for our trip.

The Sports Column: A

From everything I heard about that Friday night, the jack and cokes were extremely strong. Nice upstairs patio and a nice looking bartender who won one of the guys a 5 dollar bet. Unfortunately the details of the bar are a little fuzzy due to an increased consumption of silver bullets; however everything I do remember was excellent. The popcorn was great by the way!

Coors Brewery: A+

It was the largest Brewery in the world with drank beer fresh off the mountains, and free admission. Do I really need to continue to explain?

Denver: A (F)

Since I stayed in Denver, I only felt it was my duty to rate this wonderful city. The food I had there was great, and there was nothing bad I can really say about the actual city. By far the cleanest major city I have ever been to in my entire life. I could eat thanksgiving dinner off the ground there if I had to. My unbiased and untainted view of the city was an A, however my alternative grade was due to being raised a Raider fan. So many ugly Bronco jerseys everywhere, it was absolutely atrocious. I had to immediately take a shower once I got back home to wash the overrated and horseface smell off of me.

Airport: A+

Once again, I find another feature of the greater Denver area which really impressed me. The design outside the airport was great, and the distance away from downtown made life much easier for us to get in and out. It was not crowded at all, and the security lines were very efficient in getting us through quickly. It was amazingly clean everywhere, and while I realize that most every airport is extremely clean, Denver's airport was above and beyond.

Boulder Campus: B

From what I saw it was a good looking campus. Unfortunately I was unable to walk the campus like I had wanted to, but everything I was able to see was nice.

Stadium: B

The outside design of the stadium was amazing, and inside it was also great. It was not your traditional styled stadium inside, which is why I liked it even more once I went to get my seats. It was not Sun Devil Stadium, but I thought it was a pretty cool stadium.

Rocky Mountain Oysters: C

Naturally my first thought was that these were going to get an immediate grade of F once I got home to type it into my computer. However, I was able to man up and actually try one without letting my brain tell me what it was that I was eating. Surprisingly it was not that bad, and it really did not have much of a taste to it. It was the first and last time I will every put Rocky Mountain Oysters in my mouth you can be sure of that. (They are bull testicles if you did not know that.)

Overall: A

Overall it was a great trip, and the only thing that could have made it better was not sleeping on a hardwood floor and the Devils putting a few more points on the board when they had the chance. I am eagerly looking forward to our next trip to USC, where hopefully it will be more fun than it was last time in the Coliseum.

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