Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

In now the second week of our defense check-up with ASU defensive coordinator Bill Miller, the coach talks about his group's performance against Nevada and previews the match-up against Colorado.

Devils Digest: The defense is averaging 14 points against per game, and has collected 13 sacks, how pleased are you?

Bill Miller: "They have done some good things it's awfully early…you don't want to jump to any conclusions."

DD: Have they exceeded your expectations?

BM: "Not really we have expectations for them and they have met most of those…in some areas they have and some areas they haven't."

DD: Derron Ware did play as much in this game. What was the reason for this?

BM: "Some times it depends on the style of offense…like NAU where there more of a tight end football team where we could do more blitzes…he had a chance to make some big plays though."

DD: Colorado's offense has underperformed so far, what is the strategy for this week?

BM: "We're not sure which offense were going to see…they're probably going to do some multiple things to us which that is what makes then dangerous. We're not sure what they're going to do…it's a lot easier to prepare for what they are going to do…they have some great football coaches are there not a bad team. They have won the Big 12 North the last two years now so you can't underestimate any one."

DD: Ryan McFoy had a breakout game, how happy were you with his performance?

BM: "I think he did a great job…he made an improvement from the first ball game and we were pleased with that."

DD: Another position battle has emerged, this time in the cornerback battle between Keno Walter-White and Chris Baloney, has any of the two emerged as a starter?

BM: "We're going to need all those guys…that a good thing to have competition which will raise both their play and make everyone better."

DD: Josh Barrett was a huge factor in the game, how did you feel about his performance?

BM: "He's got an opportunity to make some plays…we just need to get him in on more and he needs to be more consistent, but he's done some great things for us."

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