Tuesday's Practice Quotes

Coach Koetter addresses the media following Tuesday's practice

on the availability of Jamaal Lewis for this week's game

"It's not that I have made a decision but I can't get the information I need...nothing has changed. But trust me guys if something happens you'll be the first ones to know…I want to get it over with as bad as everyone else but it's out of my hands. I can't get what I need."

on the availability of Rudy Burgess

"Rudy is still day-to-day with the concussion thing and nothing has changed...he's feeling good and like I said at the press conference he has to pass the concussion test and that's something he will take again tomorrow. He is a warrior…and he has done some incredible things and it's not a matter of him wanting (to play). I know he wants to and I know he'll do whatever he can… the doctors have the final say based on the test."

on the availability of Loren Howard

"He has never been probable…I don't think anything is going to happen this week, he's moving around better and definitely making some progress and on the road to recovery."

on any special preparations for his team that's going on the road for the first time

"We always work more with crowd noise when we get to Thursday…I read an article that the altitude is going to affect us and were going to change it on Wednesday and practice on top the stadium right here."

on former assistant and now Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

"When Hawk got the Colorado job and I realized that we're going to play each other I thought about that for a while…it's gone this long and here we are and you play who you play and you cant control those schedules because there so far out in advance. It's not about me and Hawk, it's about the two teams playing." He added that it's safe to say that scheduling this game wouldn't be his first preference.

on the Pac-10 possibly expanding one day to 12 teams

"I don't think I'm going to be asked for my opinion. It depends on who the teams are. It's been over 25 years the Pac 10 expanded from 8 to 10 and I don't see who those next two teams are…but I'm worried about Colorado."

on kicker Jesse Ainsworth's talent

"That's a catch 22 because I would love Jesse to get more attention but yet I will take touchdowns over field goals any day of the week and we've been fortunate that we can do that. We've got a guy that because of our nature won't get much attention and be underappreciated."

"Zach Miller is another guy. We've got this tremendous tight end and I was telling (an ASU Athletic Department official) that we gave Zach the game ball and we were laughing because we could give Zach the game ball every week. He's so consistent every week and we take him for granted. Zach is not the flashy down the middle player he is the grind it out in the trenches and sacrifice his body for the catch - like that catch in the end zone the other day that was a heck of a catch. Everyone was worried about Rudy (Carpenter) being out on bounds and at the end of the day that was a great heads up catch by Zach."

on what can really be done to prepare for Colorado's high altitude

"We made the guys run 7,000 yards of gassers tonight to try to get them nice and winded and then have a two hours practice."

on what he thinks about the new rules that have limited the number of plays each game

"I'm not big on it. I want to see the person stand up who ever wants less college football, because we're down 17 plays a game on offense, we're down two percent of our plays and in our opinion our players are getting cheated 20% of their careers. No one will admit it and it's here and who ever wanted those games shorter they end in that nice little three hour game window. I have never heard anyone around me say ‘I really wanted to get home and watch the news at 10' I didn't think it was going to be this big of an impact but it is."

Quarterback Rudy carpenter left practice but did return later, on which Koetter commented:

"He had to get something checked out but he'll be fine."

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