Burgess Back From Concussion

Thursday's practice featured a welcomed sight for the Sun Devils, as their star wide receiver joined his teammates after suffering a concussion.

"I'm dressed to impress, " quipped an elated Rudy Burgess who was practicing for the first time this week. "I feel great and I was running there full speed. I have no headaches, no dizziness, and no symptoms. I believe I will be traveling tomorrow, but I will be taking one more (concussion) test for re-assurance. Just to make sure all my screws are tight. By Saturday I should be ready to go."

The concussion he suffered against Nevada on Saturday sidelined him for most of that contest, and Thursday marked the first time that his baseline concussion test results were satisfactory enough for him to take part in practice. "My results were better than they were Monday," Burgess stated. "The doctor said that I was recovering faster than expected."

Head Coach Dirk Koetter said that his wide receiver wanted to go back into the game after suffering his injury, but after that contest Burgess realized that he was probably in no shape to join his teammates between the lines that night. "There were parts of that game that I don't remember until I got to see film on Sunday," he said. "It kinda of surprised me how much I forgot."

Burgess, 22, has been playing football since age 9 and stated that this was the first time he suffered a concussion. Thus, he was surprised by the extent of the injury. "It was weird, because I never expected to lose my memory," he commented. "How crazy does that sound? But this is a contact sport and anything can happen."

Not only is the junior excited to be back on the gridiron, but he and his teammates are anxious for their first road game of the 2006 campaign. "It's exciting going to a different stadium and seeing what it's like," said Burgess. "We're gonna test the waters at Colorado and see how we play on the road."

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