Dirk Koetter - Press Conference Quotes

ASU's head Coach reviewed the game against Colorado and previewed the upcoming contest against Cal.

Scout players of the week awards were given on offense to Kyle Williams, on defense to Chad Lindsey, and on special teams to Andy Howe. Game balls were given on offense to Keegan Hearing, on defense to Justin Tryon, and on special teams to Rudy Burgess. Best effort of the week award was given to Mike Jones blocking a punt, best hit was awarded to Rudy Burgess on that same punt, and best play award was given to Justin Tryon on his play on the goal line stance. Captains for the Cal game are Rudy Carpenter, Justin Tryon, Zach Miller and Michael Marquardt.

Thoughts about Colorado game

"I thought we really played hard against Colorado, our effort was outstanding. Our execution was not great and we didn't execute like we need to do against a team like Colorado. Turnovers hurt our offense. Four turnovers and nine penalties aren't going to cut it - that's why the game was 21-3 instead of worse than that. We're even on turnover margin for the year and we need to get that back in the plus side. Third downs were doing a pretty good job and we are converting 48% and giving up 37%. There's a 10 percent swing in there. You can win games that way. We are doing a good job in the fourth quarter."

"Probably the biggest stat that pops out is that's we have 18 sacks on the year and we have only given up three which is a huge turnaround from last year where we only had 22 sacks all year. We still continue to play a lot of players - we played 55 players in the game the other night. I'm real happy about that. Just a couple years ago we would joke about the ‘iron-35', they would play and no one else would play. Now we're playing almost two-deep across the board. I'm very happy about that. When that second defensive line goes in, or when we rotate our tailbacks and rotate the guards there's no drop off in talent. We have a lot of depth at wide receivers and running backs. There's still places where we're thin but we're the deepest we've ever been."

Thoughts about upcoming Cal game

"As far as Cal goes, by far the best team we have played to date. Not many weaknesses on that team. They have 18 starters coming back, great running backs, and are three deep. Two tremendous fast wide receivers. Their quarterback has played well the past two games and their offense line is very good. Defensively, they are deep and they go after you. The front seven, the line backers are very physical. They are less experienced on their secondary but are leading on tackles. We didn't play too well when we went up their two years ago, so it will be a big challenge for us."

on how to stop Cal's running back Marshawn Lynch

"He can break tackles; you have to do a great job pursuing him. He can make guys miss tackles and can break them. He has a rare combination of speed and power. He can go all the way on every play. You got to get a lot of guys around their and contain him. Our defense has been doing a great job of that lately but did give it up a couple times against Colorado. Our defense can't give up that leverage against Cal."

on they play of his defense

"Our numbers on D are really outstanding right now but let's face it these next three games were playing not only three offensive teams in the Pac 10 but in the country and Cal might be the best. They're loaded at the skills spot and always good in the O-line."

on the turnovers in the Colorado game

"Of all four turnovers during the Colorado game, three were poor decisions. Rudy Carpenter is the man and no question is the leader of the team Rudy's made a living making good decisions, but both interception were totally preventable and totally on Rudy. The play down the goal line; you've got to give Rudy credit. He was trying to reach out for the touchdown, you hit the pylon and it's a touchdown. The official called down for something difference; we got bad luck on that play. There were two or three chances to put that game away a little sooner. We've just got to make better decisions. Rudy's a perfectionist and he's just got to get back to making better decision."

on Cal QB Nate Longshore

"I am not familiar with him. He committed to Cal very early. For Jeff [Tedford] to pick him last year as a starter, he broke his ankle or leg and couldn't play but these last two weeks you could see why Jeff picked him as a starter."

on the team's running back rotation

"We are going to continue having a rotation over a starter. Look at Cal, even with Marshawn Lynch; they're playing three tailbacks a game. We're going to continue to play three or four guys a game. It is hard for a guy to take all hits. Keegan [Herring] will be our starter and [Ryan] Torain will get his share of carries. [Shaun] DeWitty will be primarily used at third down back. All those guys can help our team, as well as Dimitri Nance. Keegan was much more consistent and Torain can hit a hole hard, as can Keegan."

on the TD catch by Zach Miller

"I didn't see what happened till I saw the film the other day and aw how pretty the catch was. I think our own photographer Jason white has a great picture of that I want to put on the (team's official) website."

on Cal's rushing ability

"When JJ Arrington rushed for 2,000 yards that was the last time we played them and our defense did a great job against him. I think Lynch has a better combination of size strength and power than Arrington and makes you hold your breath a little more. Lynch has rushed so hard, has had his share of injuries over the year, and his ankle that limited him last year. Lynch is capable of 2,000 yards."

on the play of Dexter Davis

"He seems to get better week in and week out and he is one of those guys who always seem to be in position to make plays. He is slippery and does a good job with tackles for a loss. He's very coachable and tries to do what Grady and Bill (Miller) tell him and he is in the right spot at the right time and keeps getting better for a redshirt freshman. It's going to be tough for Tranell or Loren to beat him out and if they do we'll be better than were playing right now."

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