The Heat is On, But is it a Factor?

The calendar may already show fall, but with temperatures at the century mark, Saturday will be just another summer day in Tempe. Oregon is reportedly concerned over this, but will in translate to a home filed advantage for ASU? The Sun Devil head coach doesn't seem to put too much stock in what Mother Nature has in stored for both teams this weekend and how it will affect the game's outcome.

"It's the equivalent of us going to Pullman in November, and it's cold," said Dirk Koetter. "It's definitely different. When we were at Cal last week it was mid to upper 70's, it was a gorgeous day and it almost seemed hot out there. Now, it's gonna be 30 degrees hotter than that."

Saturday's game will also be unique in its 12:30 kickoff, but just like the weather, Koetter doesn't believe it's a factor that that should have a significant impact on the team one way or another. "You have a routine that you go through," he explained. "You get to the stadium two hours before the game, you eat four hours before the game…our team lifts weights on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30 in the morning. When you have a 12:30 game, we have a wake-up at 6:45, we stay at a hotel the night before and we have a 10 o'clock curfew. You just move your schedule up."

"I like afternoon games," continued Koetter. "I understand people like night football too, but I like afternoon football. People don't realize that for the players and coaches, Saturday seven o'clock games, all we are is sitting up in an hotel cooped up all day. Other people have activities to do and we're cooped up in a hotel. So for us being able to do something after the game with our families and friends…that's a lot better for us."

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