Stats Do Not Lie

On Saturday, Oregon proved to be the better team, overpowering Arizona State, with a 48 to 13 win. Sometimes statistics don't tell the whole story or are in contrast with the final score. This is however is clearly not the case with this match-up.

Oregon was an aggressive team from the get-go and continued to show their defiance over Arizona State. This was in large due to the great athleticism shown by Jaison Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Jeremiah Johnson and Dennis Nixon. These players were the primary playmakers for the visitors this afternoon.

Jaison Williams, the nation's third leading receiver, had 117 yards in the first half and finished the game with 137 yards. Running back Jonathan Stewart suffered from a sprained ankle and was finally taken out in the fourth quarter. However, you would never tell that by his numbers, as he amassed 142 yards on the afternoon.

The up-tempo offense displayed by Oregon proved to be a beneficial maneuver. Their ability to keep the ball moving, rather than pausing to huddle, kept ASU on their toes and made it even more difficult for the defense to predict the next move taken by the Ducks. In the first quarter alone, the Sun Devils gave up 170 yards and it only got worse from there. On the afternoon, Oregon pounded the ball on the ground for 315 yards, and their short passing game kept the chains moving.

Rudy Carpenter would probably rather not look at his numbers on the afternoon. The sophomore completed just six passes for 33 yards. Carpenter seems to be experiencing the pressure of being the backbone of the ASU offense. He was able to complete some easy passes in the first quarter. Nonetheless, bad reads, pass timing being off and incorrect routes by his receivers led to a horrendous day by the sophomore. Being sacked six times certainly didn't help. Carpenter, previously known for his passing accuracy, has been all over the place with his delivery the last couple of weeks.

On a brighter note, and to the surprise of the fans and the Oregon defense, Terry Richardson was able to score on a 100-yard kickoff return in the third quarter. After receiving the ball he faked a reverse handoff to Keegan Herring, and ran the entire field to score ASU's only touchdown down of the game. This was actually the only time a 100-yard touch down has occurred in Sun Devil stadium in the last 20 years. In other positive news, Ryan Torain continued his fine performance at running back, and ran over 100-yards (114 to be exact) for the second straight game.

ASU started the season winning their first three games and were looking forward to Pac-10 competition. However, since it has arrived, both offense and defense have been struggling mightily. Neither has played cohesively and they cannot seem to control the play on field. Hopefully, this will change in the near future since they are many Pac-10 games to be played this season.

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