Post-Visit Report: Derek Knight

The Detroit (Mich.) Renaissance safety visited Tempe officially and shared his impressions with Devils Digest.

DevilsDigest: How was your trip?

Derek Knight: "It was great. I had a wonderful time."

DD: Who was your host player?

DK: "Derron Ware (ASU linebacker who played at Michigan State for two years)."

DD: What stood out to you about the trip?

DK: "The people. Not just the football people but just the people in general. Everyone I met seemed real nice and down to earth."

DD: How long has Arizona State being recruiting you?

DK: "For a long time now, since the spring of my junior year. Coach Bill Miller is recruiting me."

DD: What were your first impressions of the ASU program when they started recruiting you?

DK: "I knew a little bit about the program, because I watched a couple of games on TV. This year I've been watching more games and I'm getting to know them better. I know that they're a pretty good program. I like that the defense is built with a lot of speed and flies towards the ball – that's one my specialties."

DD: How about your other skills? What are your strong points and what is some stuff you need to work on?

DK: "I can tackle for sure and I have good speed and I can make good reads. I definitely can work on my coverage skills, but I'm getting better all the time. Troy Polamalu is the NFL player I try to model my game after."

DD: How is your team doing this year, and what do your stats look like?

DK: "We're 4-2 right now, so we're doing all right, but not as good as we would have liked. Right now I have about 60 tackles a few pass breakups and fumble recovery."

DD: Did you commit on the trip?

DK: "No I didn't commit, I need to talk to my parents first. I am close to a decision."

DD: Are you planning any more visits?

DK: "I might visit West Virginia real soon so I can make my decision. Those schools are in my top two."

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