Post-Visit Report: Nick Wood

Following his official visit to ASU, Devils Digest caught up with the Poway (Calif.) defensive tackle to get his thoughts on the trip.

DevilsDigest: How was your trip to Arizona State?

Nick Wood: "It was great. I had breakfast on Saturday with all the recruits; we went to player's lounge, had dinner with the coaches. Sunday we toured the campus, met some teachers…it was real nice."

DD: Who was your host player?

NW: "Jon Hargis."

DD: You were here during the team's summer camp, so some of the stuff on the visit was not new to you. But was there one thing on the visit that really impressed or surprised you because you didn't get to see it before?

NW: "Being here in the summer I already got a good feel for the school. But being here now and just seeing all the players, getting a feel for them and what great guys they are was something I didn't get to see when I was here in the summer."

DD: Watching ASU having that tough loss, does that really affect your trip or your thoughts about ASU in general?

NW: "Not really. This is probably the lowest this program will ever be. It's a good program, I watched them last year and I know they're a good football team. I know they'll get back on track here."

DD: How is your team doing this year, and what do your stats look like?

NW: "We're doing real well, we're 4-1. We had one bad loss, but we're playing real well. I really don't keep stats on myself and the school doesn't keep stats either. I think I have four sacks and I get several tackles each game, but I don't really know the exact numbers."

DD: Are you planning any more visits?

NW: "I'm probably gonna visit Colorado next weekend, and other than that I have nothing else set up."

DD: When do you see yourself making a decision?

NW: "I want to visit at least one more school, maybe two more. Once I get those done, I'd probably decide right after that."

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