Visit Still Offers New Sights for Jones

An official visit to one's hometown school can be very anti-climatic. More often than not, a recruit would feel that the trip is not showing him anything he hasn't seen before many times in the past. For Trevor Browne's (Phoenix, Ariz.) Marcel Jones however, the official visit to the Sun Devils was an eye-opener of sorts.

"I liked the visit," said the 6-7 300 Marcel Jones. "Living the college life with the players was fun. I was hosted by Robert Gustavis and he's a cool guy. I saw a lot of new things on the visit. The thing that impressed me the most was the ICA building. There was so much stuff there I never saw before. One floor you have all the trophies and the lounge where you can kick it, and on another floor you get something to eat (i.e. training table)…you're like ‘wow – this building has it all.' I saw a lot of new stuff I've never seen before."

The good time the offensive lineman had on the visit wasn't dampen by ASU's loss to Oregon. In fact, following that game he saw a side of the team he had never seen before, and one that had impressed him. "Every player goes through big losses," remarked Jones. "I came to the visit after a big loss (Trevor Browne lost 49-21 to Cibola this past Friday). I'm not gonna let this loss affect my decision or anything. When I talked to the players, their morale was fine and they weren't beating themselves up too bad. They were keeping their hopes high and that made me to realize that this is a pretty good program."

The visit itself to Tempe didn't change Jones' interest in the Sun Devils, which is fine for the maroon and gold, since his interest in them was very strong to begin with. "They're still a school I have high interest in," he admitted. "They're pretty high right now, but I'd like to see other schools before I make a decision."

The lineman indicated that he'd like to visit Oregon State, but has no date scheduled for that potential excursion. He added that he's trying to contact schools that he would like learn more about, that haven't necessarily shown interest in him as of yet. "Nebraska is one of school I've been contacting," he said.

Jones doesn't feel much pressure from my family and friends to stay close to home and go to ASU. "Some of them are telling me to choose the right school for me, and others say I should stay home," he stated. "I have mixed emotions about that."

If there's anyone that may just sway Jones to play college football in his own backyard, it is Arizona State commit T.J. Simpson, who is also friends with Jones. As someone who visited Tempe as well last weekend, Simpson was naturally designated as the recruiting party amongst the visitors themselves. Jones gives Simpson ‘A' for persistence for his role. "My boy T.J. (laughs)…man…He was in my ear all the time about coming to ASU," recalled Jones. "Even when I'm there eating he's there in my ear. I'm like ‘come on man, I'm an offensive lineman, I need to eat'…He's a trip, but he's real cool."

While Jones isn't close to a decision, he certainly doesn't want to drag the process any further than necessary. "I was talking to my parents earlier about it and we would definitely want to make a decision in the next few weeks, and definitely before the end of the season," he said. "I'd like to take another visit or two before I make a decision, but I can also make a decision without taking another visit."

If the later scenario occurred, then Simpson's mission has been a complete success.

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