Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

After a second straight rough outing Defensive coach Bill Miller talks about last week's game and sizes up the next big foe - USC.

Devils Digest: After watching the game tape against Oregon, what are the positives and negatives that you took out of that game?

Bill Miller: "Not very many positives in that thing we were very disappointed and not very good…the number one thing was we need to tackle and if you're not going to be good if you cant tackle them."

DD: The safeties, especially Ryan McFoy, have played well. Can you talk about his contribution and the wok in general that the safeties group is doing?

BM: "I think he's dropped of a little bit since he's started and were playing better people and he needs to continue to improve."

DD: It was hard for the defensive line get to Dixon and disrupt him. Was that more a result of the spread offense they run or was the defensive line not executing as they should?

BM: "They weren't going to give you much time they got ride of the football on time, and I did a poor job or putting us in some situations in where we were match-up." DD: What challenges does the USC offense pose?

BM: "A lot of them. The O-line…they may not have some guys like Reggie Bush and Lendale White, but they have some excellent tailbacks, they're big and physical."

DD: Does this bye week come at a good time for the defense, as they can regroup and recharge their batteries?

BM: "We have to get our feet back down on the ground and get back to some fundamentals, and get ready to play and get that winning feeling back."

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