Expectations Have Changed From Week One

It's easy for one to become arrogant in life, love and especially sports, but necessary to be kept to a minimum.

At the beginning of the Sun Devils Football season, both fans and players were psyched and ready to live up to their potential as good competitors, and they did.

In the first two home games, filled with screaming fans and a newly furbished field, the Devils determinably took the field and closed two easy wins against Northern Arizona and Nevada. They were also able to conquer the cold and defeat Colorado on foreign soil in the following week.

However, the over zealous fans perhaps became egotistically confident in the abilities of the truly talented Devils and have been understatedly disappointed by the losses to California and Oregon, consecutively.

What the fans have to remind themselves is that while their team has made some ridiculously horrible errors in the last two games, that all teams, especially at the collegiate level have setbacks and will learn from them and move on.

Unfortunate for Rudy Carpenter, who has been experiencing the brunt of the team criticism, due to his less than mediocre performance last weekend, is actually a very talented player. He has a good offensive line protecting him, and talented wideouts such as Mike Jones, Zach Miller, and Rudy Burgess, to name a few. Now, all units on offense just have to perform cohesively and communicate better on the field and success will follow.

Similarly, the defensive line is packed with tremendous athletes, like Derron Ware, Justin Tryon, Josh Barrett, and Zach Catanese, who have proven earlier this season to be challenging to the opposing offenses, due to constant blitzing and their ability to proactively execute man-to-man coverage on a regular basis.

Although ASU has a very capable team, it is important to recognize that they are currently very young. While they have many necessary talented seniors, a decent number of starting players are made up of underclassmen. These players are good at what they do, but the inexperience on the collegiate level and previously cocky mentalities may have had an effect on the team's performance.

While both lines have been struggling to control the field, they have shown the athleticism and confidence needed to execute plays performed in practice. So now is the time for them to get back out there and remind themselves, the fans, and especially competitors that when they play ASU they cannot expect an easy win, in fact they shouldn't expect a win at all.

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