Post-Practice Quotes

Coach Dirk Koetter and QB Rudy Carpenter talk about the upcoming game against USC

Dirk Koetter

Q: Are you where you want to be right now in terms of preparation?

A: "With three extra days of practice were in good shape on the game plan. Maybe you add a few plays you wouldn't have had time for or take out plays you wouldn't of had taken out."

Q: What is the status on injuries?

A: "We had a pretty physical practice the last two days and when you practice full speed you're going to have some guys banged up. I haven't had a chance to talk to the trainers but I think were going to be in good shape."

Q: What are your thoughts on USC and their team?

A: "They're a younger team and not as experienced. They're 5-0 and that's the best they can be and they only have only senior on their defense. Maybe they're not as explosive as they were in the past like they were with Bush and Leinart. But they have plenty of depth at tailback, Booty is playing at a high level and they're a pretty efficient team and until someone can knock them off they're the team to beat."

Q: Does John David Booty remind you of Matt Leinart throughout his collegiate career?

A: "I think Leinart started off earlier in his career playing efficient, and then they evolved into a big play offense. He's taking what the defense is giving him, and that's what you want a quarterback to do. He's very efficient and not making many mistakes."

Rudy Carpenter

Q: Rudy are you tired of analyzing your play?

A: "Yeah, I'm sick of everyone else analyzing my play too. I'm ready to play live. I went home this weekend and kind of realized that football is supposed to be fun and obviously losing is not fun and I wasn't having fun when we were winning."

Q: Why you weren't having fun when you were winning?

A: "When we win a game I would read the paper and it would say he (Carpenter) had a terrible game. I need to stop reading the paper. All that matters is the win and that was the major thing for me."

Q: Most teams are defined as having a passing game or running game has it been comforting that the running game has done so well?

A: "I've been telling myself the past couple of weeks we're going to find our passing game. We're going to get it going it and it could be this weekend. The good thing about that is our running game has been so good."

Q: What have you seen on film when other teams have played USC this year? Is USC beatable?

A: "I think everyone is beatable, but the only thing is that every single team that plays USC - it is their super bowl. So USC is taking the best shot every week from each team. Until they get beat they're 5-0 and they're one of the best teams in the country."

Q: Coach Koetter talked about both Washington schools games against USC and how they made it a game against those guys. When you look at that film how are you guys going to make that apply?

A: "Against CAL we didn't play well but we had a seven minute period where the whole game went away from us. What you need to do against good teams is keep yourself in the game and know that they're going to do things well. We just need to stop turning the ball over and getting into third and long, second and long. Those are the things that hurt us the most."

Q: All the work in the last couple weeks in practice, how has it paid off?

A: "I think chemistry…trust is the biggest thing especially me in those guys. Having them (the WR's) in the right place at the right time. Those guys have done a great job the past few weeks knowing their timing and that has made me more confident."

What does a healthy Rudy Burgess mean to this offense?

A: "He's our best playmaker; he's fast and an explosive player. He hasn't played the last few weeks but we plan on giving him the ball."

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