Koetter's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's Head Coach addressees Stanford and other issues following Tuesday's practice.

On Tuesday's night practice:

"We're off to a good start. Attitude is upbeat. These guys are learning the game plan, we moved around good today…I'm happy with where we're at today."

On Stanford's defense:

"I think Stanford has a pretty solid defense. It's not their defense that's getting them in trouble. When you watch their film (against) Notre dame is 7-0 right before the half, UCLA is 7-0 right before the half…their defense is hanging in there. Their defense makes you earn it and doesn't give up many big plays."

On Stanford's backup QB that will start against ASU - T.C. Ostrander

"He's been around for a long time and he's a good passer. (starting QB Trent) Edwards has really hurt people the last few years, when protection broke down, running the ball. Ostrander is not a good as good a runner as him. You don't lose sight of that, but you don't have to be as conscious about him running it."

With all the starting QB's in the Pac-10 getting injured and forced to be playing backups, how confident is he about backup Danny Sullivan's ability to play?

"Danny is practicing well and has progressed better than we could ever hope for. You just never know (about how well he'll play in a game). When Rudy (Carpenter) first had to go out there, and he has been only in mop-up…you never know how a guy will react to full speed pressure until you get him out there. No team really knows if their back-up can do it, unless their back-up has played. I'm happy with what Danny has done in practice, but there's practice speed and game speed."

Finding right combination at WR – harder than you thought it would be?

"We lost, statistically, the greatest receiver in ASU's history (Derek Hagan), and lost two really good role players in Matt Miller and Moey Mutz. Those guys played a lot of different roles for us and also on special teams. We had some guys returning that had made some plays in their career and we have some up and coming guys…the number one thing has been consistency in that group. Rudy (Carpenter) went through his trial, we've had some injuries on the O-Line…you mix that all together and we just haven't been as explosive in the passing game."

"I also think that defenses all around the country are playing a different style – they're playing a lot more deep zone to take away big plays. But that's a different story, because we're talking about my receivers. You have to find your offensive personality, and our two primary weapons right now are Zach Miller and Ryan Torain, and we have to build around that. There's nothing wrong with that because they're excellent players."

On whether it's a new adjustment for him to build his offense around his running backs and not QB and WR's

"This is very similar to what I coached at Boston College – our team was built around running backs and tight ends, and some of them went on to play in the NFL. It's definitely different from where I have been the last ten years, but it's a cyclical game."

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