ASU Basketball Media Day Quotes

The Sun Devils held their basketball media day on Wednesday. Devils Digest was there and brings you the quotes of head coach Herb Sendek, as well as players Antwi Atuahene and Serge Angounou.

Coach Herb Sendek

Opening Comments

"Thank you for joining us this afternoon, it's great to get everyone together at this exciting time of year when basketball practice starts – it's always been a fun experience for me. I've really enjoyed working together with our team, and our guys have been very eager to listen and learn, they have worked exceptionally hard and I've been impressed with their character."

On spending a lot of time on the road since being on the job

"July and September and traditionally important recruiting months and we've been busy trying to get out and laying the foundation with our recruiting."

On his overall assessment of the team?

"Probably not very accurately yet with only four days into practice. I'm not sure we're even a team yet. We have a lot of work to do before we can call ourselves a cohesive unit."

On his assessment of forward Jeff Pendergraph

"The most striking feature that I have noticed is that he is a great ambassador for our university, he's a constant gentleman. On the court I know he's a young man who has had a great freshman season and cares about improving and I've been very impressed with what I have seen with Jeff so far."

On his assessment of forward Sylvester Seay?

"Most freshmen have an up and down first year. That first year can be a real grind and it takes a tremendous amount of time to wave through the peaks and valleys of that first year."

On his assessment of forward Serge Angounou

"I love Serge - he's a good guy, and he has a lot of gifts. He has battled injuries and they have hampered him to some degree and we need Serge to have a stellar senior year and we think he is a very important player for us. He's just a good team guy. He always seems to have an interest of our teammates at heart."

On his assessment of guard Antwi Atuahene

"He's always talking, and always trying to pick someone up. He plays with terrific intensity and I've liked what I have seen with him and like Serge he's a very important player for us."

On selling the guys on his playing philosophy

"I really haven't gone out of my way to sell them, but I have presented myself as I am. I really haven't had to sell myself, they have been every eager to listen and learn and anxious to find out what were going to do."

On what he wants to achieve during the first couple of games "We want to improve every day out and I don't know if it serves us any great value to set arbitrary goals as far as wins. We want to win every game as any competitor does, but our focus is getting better and doing the best we can."

On his Expectations of the season

"We're still in the early stages of conditioning. I don't want our team peaking on November 18. It's a long season and I want us to be fresh in February and March, and we have a lot of early games in November. The college basketball season is incredibly long. Every one of our guys is in good shape and needs to be in better shape."

On competing with rival Arizona

"I think the most important thing is to compete with ourselves. What we need to do is be more focused with Arizona State. Honestly, I'm trying to figure our team out along with the other nine (in the Pac-10). The thing with college basketball is that the standings don't matter until the last week of the regular season>"

On getting his players into shape

"We have guys trying to get into better shape not with wind sprints but with how they can perform for you. We have to eat healthier and we're trying to do our part to help them with that."

On his Freshmen players

"We're relying on them to get us more playing time and you can't wear your jersey and forget to put on your shorts. Everyone on our bench is going to play this year and our freshmen are going to have to be ready to hit our floor running."

Guard Antwi Atuahene

On the style of play changing under Sendek

"I'm taking it real well. I'm grasping the way he wants to play - a lot of movement with the ball."

On the transition element of Sendek's style and how its has this helped you

"Actually it helps me a lot more. It gives other people a lot of possibilities to create plays as well."

On the differences between coach Evans and coach Sendek

"Both are great coaches. The only difference is that coach Sendek is more of an X's and O's guy and coach Evans was a toughness guy."

On whether that structure is going to help this team

"That structure is going to help out get this team moving and get people more involved."

On how he sees his role on the team

"Mainly a leadership role, an extension of the coach on the floor and getting everyone where there supposed to be."

Forward Serge Angounou

On whether he feels like he's starting over with Sendek

"He's wonderful. He just knows what he is talking about."

How different it is now under Sendek

"You have new players ,new's just so much fun right now. I finally have had a chance to play, like on the perimeter in my normal position. He's a great coach, and everyone has to prove something right now."

On how he sees his role on the team

"Helping the younger guys grow as basketball players, and the coach gave me a lot of credit for that."

On all the ups and downs he has had in his career

"I've learned a lot, and I want to win. I'm going to do what I have to do, score, rebound, stuff my guy, and play as a team."

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