Post-Game Player Quotes

Rudy Burgess and others address the media following the 38-3 win over Stanford

Rudy Burgess

Can you talk about your debut at cornerback?

"I think for my first game at cornerback I did pretty good, we had a nice little rotation to keep me healthy and fresh on the field."

It seemed like they were picking on you early in the game?

"In the beginning I saw them trying to go up top, and trying to throw some short routes…but I think I covered pretty well. Through out the game I think all of our cornerbacks did pretty decent."

With you playing at corner was this a game time decision with Chris out or will this be a weekly thing now?

"I really don't know at this point. Coach just asked me last Sunday if I would like to play cornerback and I said yes. I accept the challenge and I try to do anything to help the team out."

Was it strange not being on the field with the offense?

"It was different because I had to sit on the opposite side of the field on the bench and I'm used to be talking about offensive schemes with my quarterback and running back and linemen…it was a little different in that aspect but it made it fun."

What was it like playing in a real game, and did the spring practice playing CB help you out at all?

"Working in the spring kind of helped me in game time and a lot of the guys said it would be harder than practice, but once you get in the game it would be a lot easier and that was a true statement. I was able to relax a little bit more and focus on what I had to do."

Did they talk to you at all about playing on offense this week?

"No, it was mostly defense. I told Coach Jackson about it earlier in the week and he just told me to concentrate on defense and help out the defense, and maybe later on during the game if they need me they'll put me on offense. The offense did so well today that there was no point of trying to bring me back on offense"

Did you have a mental checklist when you enter the game?

"Yeah, there are a couple things, I don't want to get beat deep and I don't want to miss any tackles and I did kind of miss a tackle today, but I had my defensemen backing me up for that."

Kyle Caldwell

Talk about the defense today and pressure on the QB?

"It's been getting better every week obviously getting pressure. Even with a four-man rush we knew we were going to be able to take advantage of that this week because they have given up 32 sacks going into this game, compared to the previous week where USC was giving up seven. So the defensive line had to be prepared for that all week and mentally going into this game you have to get up field and make plays. We're getting back there (in Stanford's backfield) and you can tell it really affected their passing game."

Was this game a carryover from the momentum you had from the second half in the USC game?

"This whole team played well. With the energy level, the commodore and all that stuff was there in that game we need that to transfer over you. You definitely saw it in all aspects today like Rudy (Burgess) was saying earlier."

It seems like today that the team had a lot of enthusiasm?

"With out a doubt. That energy level has been increasing every week and Coach Miller likes to tell us that the defense is going to continually get better with the rest of the season. I think you can see that the last couple of games, and even in times in the Oregon game we were having some pressure for a while and that transferred over to USC."

Anything to say about how Rudy played at his position today?

"He's a stud. Like he was saying, he wants to do whatever he can for the team - what more can you ask for, right? He's able to sacrifice for the better. Rudy's a great athlete and we know we can count on him wherever we put him, so he's a great thing to have on this team." Ryan Torain

Were you licking your chops all week considering Stanford's run defense?

"We just wanted to run a lot because they're the last ranked team in the league. So we were like, just run the ball, run the ball…and were going to have a great day."

What do you enjoy more: rushing or catching the ball out of the backfield?

"I just like playing…it's just fun reading defenses, seeing what Rudy is going to call, and go out and do it."

Talk about your game and the whole offense?

"It's been cool. It's been a lot easier to run because were connecting on both sides passing and the running. The o-line…they're just making big holes and doing their job of getting my holes."

What is the Identity of the offense, what was once a primarily passing offense has now evolved into something else?

"About 50-50 now (between run ad pass)...just because we were struggling a little bit in the beginning of the season, we connect on both sides so it's about 50-50."

Does this game give you a lot of confidence after you have lost three games in a row?

"It gives us a lot of confidence, and we just have to keep doing it and we have to build on this one win and keep doing it."

Rudy Carpenter

Did you get some confidence back today?

"For me personally I felt a lot better last week, and I think we have been practicing pretty well and that obviously makes confidence a lot better. I think today we did a good job too and we have to keep it going."

Can you talk about your willingness to scramble?

"It's not planned or anything, it's one of those things where I just told myself that I'm just going to go back to playing football again and if I miss some open guys I miss some open guys. I'm going to try to make sure every play is a positive play and were not losing yards and sometimes I make it up so quick by running it and it's been effective, so I'm going to keep on doing it."

Was this (the scrambling) because of the way the Stanford defense presented itself?

"No, not at all. I don't think you can really ever expect that, it's just something that happens. Stanford did things that were a lot different than what we thought they were going to do. We just adjusted well and that was important for us."

What made the offense click better today?

"Today was probably one of the first games in a while where the passing game was more efficient, so we were able to see that. A good running game always helps the quarterback, it keeps the defense guessing and keeps them in certain coverages that help out the passing game, and that's why we were able to throw the ball pretty effective today."

How important was it that you won in such a convincing fashion today?

"I thought we dominated in all aspects of the game, offense, defense and special teams. Me personally, I would like to see the penalties be cut down a lot - it might affect us in some games later. Like I said, the schedule that we have I thought it was a good schedule for us because we knew exactly where we were going to be at after the USC game and we know exactly where we're at. We have to win the rest of our games and I think we can do that. We wanted to go out and just win today, but also (win) convincingly and that's just one of six and we have five more to go."

You started the game completing your first 12 passes can you talk about it, and the punt you had?

"We're not really throwing the ball too far down the field. It's just so hard against teams. They were trying to keep everything in front of them and not giving us a chance to throw the ball deep, but I thought I did a good job today making quick decisions dropping it down to Zach (Miller) and the running backs when I needed to. I made a couple good checks on the one big play for a touchdown. But the punt it's something we work on everyday in practice and I think it will be very effective for us. We came very close to getting them pinned inside the 5-yard, but it's just a good play that we have. We can throw it or kick out of it (on that shot gun formation); it's a good thing for us."

Confidence in your teammate Nate?

"Me and Nate came into the same class together and I remember in summer school we were both saying we came here for a reason and that was to play. Pretty much ever since then, Nate has been someone I can call any day during the summer, off-season and anytime to throw the ball - he'll always be there. He just hasn't got many opportunities and this is his first season with getting any playing time. I have a lot of confidence in Nate. He's been our most consistent receiver and I just have to get him the ball more."

Nate Kimbrough

Can you talk about your game today?

"Coming into this week I know I practiced pretty well, and the past couple of games I did the best I could. Today I did the best I could and I got to leave it all out on the field."

You mentioned in practice last week the receivers didn't know what was going on. Did you feel more confident?

"As a group I really felt like we had no mental mistakes. We ran out there with the confidence that we were going to win this game."

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