Koetter's Post-Game Quotes

ASU's head coach comments on his team's 38-3 win over Stanford

On the play of Rudy Carpenter

"Rudy really managed the game well today. He was so efficient, made great decisions with the ball…nothing flashy. That's what he did last year – managed the game, didn't make mistakes, made plays that were there to be made both with his arm and his feet. The first touchdown for Torain was a check. We have a certain check for a look that they gave us. Rudy checked right to the right play and threw a beautiful ball to Torain down the middle. I think this was easily Rudy's best game of the season."

On how much is Ryan Torain's emergence at running backing is helping this offense

"Each team takes on its own personality and you have to make your attack fit what you got. Right now, our team is built around Torain and Zach Miller. Those are our two feature players."

Is Carpenter given the green light to scramble when needed? "Yes. He totally has the green light. Every time he's running, I'm on the sidelines screaming ‘get down!' but Rudy has done a really nice job the last two weeks, as far as making good decisions in the run game. We protected Rudy very well right up until the very end. We had a lot of substituting along the O-Line. We had a lot of guys play different positions. (Stephen) Berg had to play both guard and tackle when (Paul) Fanaika got banged up. Of course Julius Orieukwu got his first college start. I'm proud of Julius. He got off to a shaky start with a few false starts, but the guys picked him up. So under the circumstances of the line being beat up, they did a nice job of protecting Rudy."

What has this win, from a feel standpoint, has done for the team? "I like where our team is at. Our team has kind of taken a hunker down mentality and said ‘we have to really tighten down the hatches.' I told them that there's no cavalry or anyone on white horses coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. Our team really responded to that the last two weeks, so again I'm very proud on the way we played overall. We played a lot of guys, probably the most we have all season. We did a nice job on all phases today."

How important was it to get not only a win, but a convincing win?

"All wins are important and all wins are big. We don't have any control on how the schedule falls, and it just so happens that we played three excellent teams in a row to open up Pac-10 play. It's no fun losing three weeks in a row. It feels a lot better today."

On the play of Rudy Burgess at cornerback

"I thought Rudy was very solid out there. One of the main reasons we moved Rudy (from WR) was because he's such a solid tackler. Rudy keeps plays in front him and makes the tackles he should make. What has hurt us a little bit in the last two weeks is that when a running back has gotten on the edge, we haven't always made that tackle. The only really big play that Stanford got today was a corner on the other side missing tackle. In this day and age, every offense is smart enough to figure out how to stack their running game, so the corners have to make tackles. You can't just have cover guys out there that never have to tackle anybody. Rudy was efficient in that (tackling). I thought he covered well. We got pressure on the quarterback with a four-man rush which helps a lot. When you don't have to bring five, six (rushers) you can stay in coverage, and coverage was good."

On whether Burgess playing at cornerback is a week-to-week situation

"That's done as of right now – Rudy is a corner. That has forced our other wide receivers…to define roles there. I thought those guys did a good job. We got thrown a little curve ball late on Thursday's practice with Terry Richardson getting injured, but I thought everybody responded well. Nate Kimbrough continues to be solid, make the plays he should make. It was good to see Jamaal (Lewis) get a little more time, Mike Jones made a nice catch. Chris McGaha made a nice catch in traffic…we are who we are, and we have to build around what we have and as long as we improve and get better, there's nothing wrong with that."

On Richardson's injury and prognosis

"It was on the last kickoff return of the week, just a freak play – someone fell on the side of his leg. It looked nasty when it happened. He got an MRI and all the tests yesterday. There's nothing torn – they're calling it a sprained MCL, a fairly significant sprained MCL. That will heal with time. T-Rich played with a sprained MCL last year. He wore a (knee) brace pretty much the last half of the year. We're hoping to have him back in a week or so. I would say he's pretty doubtful for this week, but he has been in this position before."

On the status of Zach Catanese who got injured in the game

"I haven't talked to the doctor, but I think it's along the lines of a concussion. He took a pretty good helmet-to-helmet shot on a big hit in the middle of the field."

On the play of Nate Kimbrough

"Nate is come a long long way. He's one the most improved players on our team. If you spend any time with Nate, he has a very outgoing personality. Nate's biggest issue wasn't his talent, but his ability to know what he was doing and consistently being in the right place at the right time. I'll be honest with you – I didn't know if Nate was gonna make it. I've been on him hard on him practice. (WR's Coach) Coach Jackson has stuck with him and Nate has put the time in to learn what he's doing and now it's paying off. All those catches by Nate were read routes, where he had to read the right coverage and make adjustments. Every catch he had, he had the option to go in or out based on the coverage."

On the play of the defense

"A lot of pressure (on the Stanford QB)…I think he was like 25% (completion rate). I think we should have had a couple more sacks and let him get away, although our coverage was good. For the most part (Defensive coordinator) Bill (Miller) was only bringing four, and when he did bring the all-out rush we of course got a huge sack from Jeremy Payton. We hit the quarterback a lot…getting Michael Marquardt back and the ability to rotate eight guys there (on the defensive line) this deep in the season – we were never able to do that, and Derron Ware is playing there a little on pass downs. So if we can keep that up…Kyle Caldwell had another good game today to go up with what he did last week."

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