Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

Devils Digest caught up with ASU's defensive coordinator and linebackers' coach, to review the game against Stanford and preview the upcoming match-up against Washington.

Devils Digest: How do you assess the defense's performance against Stanford?

Bill Miller: "I'm pleased with their effort. We got to continue to improve like I said. We're just trying to get out each week and get better."

Devils Digest: How satisfying was that you brought pressure on Stanford's quarterback mostly using a four-man front?

Bill Miller: "We got a little bit of four-man pressure. You got to do it every week though and particularly as the competition increases you got to continue to be able to do that. So that's just something were working towards. It's a work in progress."

DD: Is this because the defensive line is starting to gel?

BM: "I think they're understanding what were trying to do and they're playing together pretty well. Their effort was good and the thing I was most pleased with was they're intensity and they got ready to play despite Stanford's record."

DD: Can you talk about Kyle Caldwell's play?

BM: "Really pleased with what Kyle has done, really the last few weeks here. I'm just real proud of him. He's doing things that a lot of people couldn't think he could do."

DD: Can you talk about Rudy Burgess's debut at cornerback?

BM: "We're thrilled to have him over there and for three days of work (in practice last week) he did outstanding. And we're going to continue to use a number of guys over there, Keno, Justin and Littrele Jones. Rudy really had been unselfish on this thing and I am real proud of him on that."

DD: Will he stay there if Chris Baloney returns?

BM: "Well that's a hypothetical what if, but right now he would stay with us."

DD: The MIKE linebacker position has created quite a battle. Who do you see starting there?

BM: "We really split time, with Beau starting and Robert James has started on dime and played a lot in nickel situations. But they're both good football players and both of them have their strengths and weaknesses."

DD: Travis Goethel has really displayed a lot of talent for a true freshman. Can you evaluate his play?

BM: "I'm real pleased with Travis he's a real physical linebacker and very pleased with him as a true freshman. He, Nixon and Gerald Munds and all those guys are young and they're all doing a good job."

DD: What do you see from Washington's offense on film?

BM: "I'm really impressed with their offensive line I think they have got some fine receivers. I think the quarterback has surprised everybody and when he came in and did what he did, an outstanding job against Cal, and kept them in the ball game. I think they're a real challenge because they do so many things to make you adjust."

DD: How much, if at all, has their offense changed with Bonnell replacing the injured Stanback at QB?

BM: "They're still doing a lot of the same things with Stanback in there, he's got his strengths but Bonnell does too. It's going to be a hell of a ball game."

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