Riley Preaches Against Complacency

Fresh off an emotional win, teams tend to come out flat. If the Oregon State will follow that trend, it won't be because head coach Mike Riley was oblivious to the proverbial let down. Riley addressed the ASU media on Monday, and talked about his team's monumental victory over USC, as well as his thoughts about his next opponent – the Sun Devils.

Q: Can you talk about QB Matt Moore and his play?

"Matt struggled a little bit early as our team did, and we were kind of finding our way with some new personal and trying to get any chemistry going. We have managed to do a better job of hooking up with some guys and building some comfort level there. He has played very efficiently of the last few games."

Q: Can you talk about WR Sammie Stroughter and his play?

"Sammie's has been on punt return since he was a true freshman, he is always done a nice job, and we have managed to be better in that area. I think because of Sammy's experience and because the guys around him, he does a nice job in the punt return area. He has spent a while getting ready to be a receiver in the offense."

Q: What have you done to keep the team focused after beating USC?

"Well, I told the team I hope this just fuels the fire on what success can mean for them individually and as the team. There's absolutely no time for complacency, and the number one thing for them to do is to remember how hard it's been. Not to forget the adversity not only in the ball game but also in the season, how hard they worked to overcome it and how they don't want to let that die. I think we should have major motivation to continue to improve."

Q: What did the win over USC mean to your program?

"I think it s a huge win for this team because of the way we have started. We have been talking about staying the course and working hard, and we have been able to get some wins here lately. I think it helps us because it was a highly exposed game and we feel that exposure is good for recruiting and good for the university."

Q: What are the key factors in your team's success the past few weeks? "The defense has played a lot better. We were horrible early and we improve week by week. It's really gone from playing bad defense to playing good defense, and that's one of the key factors. On offense we have taken good care of the football the past few weeks. And our special teams have stayed consistent and have made some big plays, those are probably the reasons."

Q: Can you talk about your tailback Yvenson Bernard?

"He worked out before the game, he tried to do some running and he was not ready to play. We expect that he will improve quite a bit by Saturday."

Q: What are your thoughts on Arizona State?

"There a lot like we have been. They had some wins early but then they struggled for a bit and they came back and won two games and played a good game against SC over there. I think they're going to be hungry as we are for another win because they have gained some confidence and have done a nice job of winning some ball games"

Q: Can you talk about RB Clinton Polk, and safety Bryan Payton?

"We were excited about the way Bryan has played. He has gotten the opportunity to start due to an injury early on. He was playing in our nickel defense and now he's playing as our safety. He has improved game by game, had a big interception last week and has good ball skills and a lot of athletic ability. Clinton Polk has played through out the year but was thrusted into the starting duties and did a nice job in the game, which is great for our program. I think he gained a lot of respect and has worked really hard and produced when he got the opportunity to play."

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