Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

The Sun Devils defensive coordinator reviews his group's performance in the 26-23 OT win over Washington and looks ahead to the upcoming match-up at Oregon State.

Devils Digest: Against Washington the defense seemed to be more effective in the first half than the second. What's your take on their performance last Saturday?

Bill Miller: "Don't forget that team on the other side of the line of scrimmage played hard too. I was really proud of the defense the entire ball game. They did a pretty good job for the most part up there. I think on that long drive (that Washington had on their last touchdown) we had several third down situations where we had an opportunity to get off the field and didn't execute. You can't do that against a good football team."

Devils Digest: The defense seemed to be re-energized in overtime can you talk about that?

Bill Miller: "I thought they really did. They were really focused and at the end of the game when they didn't give up the score."

DD: Washington's QB completed 9 out of 22 passes; do you credit this to a defensive line pressure or great coverage by the secondary?

BM: "Probably a combination of a couple of things and throw Washington into that thing too. But our guys gave a great effort."

DD: Can you talk about Josh Barrett's performance??

BM: "I thought he had one of his better ball games. He continues to improve and has done some real good things for us."

DD: The defense continues to have penalties what can you do to prevent these?

BM: "Quit playing the guys who commit them number one. But the holding, we can't let that happen. And as far as personal fouls go - that's not tolerated."

DD: What do you see as far as Oregon State on film?

BM: "They had a great football win over SC. I think they're a potent team offensively even with some injuries. Their quarterback had a great game against SC - I thought he was on fire. I thought their O-line was outstanding. They are a very dangerous offense."

DD: Do you believe in having a let down after a big win, like example Oregon States may have after a win over USC?

BM: "These guys aren't going to let down as neither are we. It's going to be a hell of a ball game."

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