Lady Sun Devils Win Exhibition Opener

The Sun Devils may never be the tallest team, but they were still able to out rebound Love and Basketball, for their first exhibition win, 72-46. The team may have only had about ten days of on court practice, but both freshman and returning players did well up against Love and Basketball, which consisted of many former Pac-10 players, who upset UCLA the other night.

As Coach Charli Thorne commented, "Besides their point guard they were literally three to four inches taller than us at every position." Thus, this exhibition game was a great opportunity to refresh the women and allow them to work on rebounding consistently and improve on other aspects of the game.

Though the game lacked some excitement for the audience due to ASU's 15 to 20 point lead, the women played well adding to the enjoyment of the crowd. In the first half, a steal by Jill Noe followed by Briann January's successful lay-up and later a three-pointer by Reagan Pariseau followed directly with one by January, captivated the attention of the fans.

The game was energizing and fast paced leaving ASU running the shot clock much of the first half. This showed off their good ball handling skills and proved they know how to control the tempo of the game. The man-on-man defense displayed by ASU was very effective when executed thoughtfully, as they limited Love and Basketball at 31.6% shooting accuracy for the game.

When all of the women were quick on their feet with hands-up ready for anything, they made some great blocks. As Coach Thorne added, "I really liked Reagan and Briann's energy on defense and I thought Jill Noe did a really great job." She went on to add, "If you watch our team, we're such a team."

Senior Emily Westerberg scored 15 points for the game and junior Reagan Pariseau followed with 10 points, two of which were three-pointers. The freshman also did a great job this evening. Coach Thorne was sincere when she stated, "You never know that first game how they're going to respond and I thought they did a great job. I'm really excited about where they're at right now and they need to be improving everyday. . ."

Two of those first-year players had solid efforts tonight. Kayli Murphy led the team with nine rebounds, while Dymond Simon had a couple great drives to the hole.

Although ASU played well tonight they still could improve on a couple of areas, including shooting and passing accuracy and rebounding. Though they did well in the last half of the game, but rushing the clock caused the team to make some sloppy passes, causing unnecessary turnovers. Improving their rebounding will also be beneficial since this and defense seem to be their biggest strengths as of right now.

"There is a lot of room for improvement, but there should be," agreed Coach Thorne. "It's our first exhibition game."

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