Post-Game Player Quotes

Various Sun Devil players comment on the 47-14 win over Washington State

Jessie Ainsworth

On breaking a pretty long drought for made field goals over 40 yards

"It was good to make two tonight. I didn't even know about that (drought) until someone told me about that. I just go out there and I try not to look at the yardage and just do one at a time. That was a lot of fun. I got a lot of opportunities and was able to take advantage of them."

Was there an adjustment having Jonathan Johnson as the punt holder?

"He was able to come in the third quarter and take over for Rudy, and we work together in practice all the time so it wasn't an adjustment at all. He did a great job of stepping in and doing a good job of holding."

Mike Jones

Can you describe your touchdown catch?

"We run that play in practice a lot, on man (coverage) and I just try to win (that battle) and I had it actually twice, but the second one I dove for it…but it felt good finally a chance to make a play and get in the end zone since the second game of the season."

Is the best the receivers have played as a group?

"We made a lot of plays but had a lot of mistakes at the same time. We could have had been outstanding, including myself. It was a really good game and probably the best our offense has played."

Did the game plan call to throw more deep balls?

"The game plan was to have a balanced offense pretty much and Rudy mentioned it to Coach Koetter that he wanted to put the ball in the air a lot this game, and go back to the old Arizona State offense."

Zach Catanese

Was this win redemption from last week?

"We just came out fired up ready to play like we did last week. But this week we just said whatever happens is going to happen and we just have to stick with it. It was definitely a redemption game. I mean Washington State I know they had two of their key players out and they were kind of saying it was going to be a JV game but we didn't look at it that way and just came out and played our hearts out, and gelled on defense and offense. I really felt like it was a great win for us."

Can you talk about your interception? "I got drilled by the tight end…I think Kyle Caldwell had great pressure on the quarterback and he just lofted it up there and it was pretty easy to just grab the ball, and pull it down."

Is it a relief that you're now bowl eligible?

"A lot for us were talking about it, and we get money, which is a good incentive for us (laughs). Also just getting that sixth win and now we definitely know we're bowl eligible and we're ready to beat UCLA and U of A."

Did you hear about the U of A win?

"We got off the bus and didn't see it till the last two minutes of the game, and we caught glimpse. We're like ‘wow U of A is beating Cal'…It's a big win for U of A - a good win for those guys down south."

Rudy Carpenter

Was this game a flashback of the old ASU offense?

"I brought in Mike Pollack and B-Rod (Brandon Rodd) in (the post-game interview room), because I think these two guys are the main reason why our offense got going to tonight and why our team has stayed together the whole year. We have had a lot of injuries all year, especially on our offense line, and this week in practice and prior weeks they have stepped up for me and got the other guys going and I appreciate that from those guys and that's was why we were able to do pretty well tonight."

Did you come into the game thinking you were going to go deep?

"We had a plan. We thought they were going to play some different personal. We thought we were going to have the run the ball. We had two plans if they rush three drop eight we're going to run the ball, and if they bring it (i.e. pressure on the quarterback) we're going to throw it. Honestly, before the game I was feeling good, and that Rutgers game Thursday helped me out. Watching that team play and have fun…I think I tried to get back to that tonight. We have nothing to lose why not…let's throw it. Coach said before the game we were going back to old school ASU."

Can you talk about the Brandon Smith touchdown? "That's what we need. We've been missing that all year, that deep threat. B-Smith thinks he's superman…he tells everybody that and I asked him on that play, he just said he simply ran by him (the cornerback) and that's good because we need that. He was wide open and was a big play for us after they came back to score on us in the second half."

Did WSU's good coverage cause you to scramble a lot?

"Not really. I just think in the games that I ran a lot, we played well, I think it comes down to making good and fast decisions, and trying to make every play a positive play."

At the end of the half you hurt your hand – how is it?

"I just hurt my hand, it's a bruise."

This game had a real balanced offense…

"I think tonight was one of the first times where, our run game and our pass game tied into each other in previous games it was…no run pretty much no pass or a good run game and pretty much no pass game. But tonight our run game as OK and our pass game was good. Our pass game started to open up the run tonight, and when you start running you really try to bite the play action fake and those linebackers were really coming up. We were able to open up holes for Zach and Brent. Zach and Brent make unbelievable catches getting hit, and no one knows how hard that is."

Can you talk about running the option play?

"We ran it twice and one time I messed it up and pitched it, the other time we got a first down. It's a good play for us and I don't know how to run it better but I kind of messed that up today, but we got a first down though."

Mike Pollack

"We just want to dominate the line of scrimmage from he first play, and we think we did that the majority of the game. The emphasis was that every time we came on to the line, keep taking it to them and don't back down. We really got on them early. Our whole line did a good job playing physical the entire game."

Brandon Rodd

"?We looked at each other before the game and we said it was our game, we're going to take it for them cause no one thinks we can do it because were so banged up. We said we're going to slam it down their throats and that's what we did."

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