Q&A with Coach Bill Miller

An Exclusive Interview with ASU's Defensive Coordinator and LB's Coach

Devils Digest: Can you asses the performance of the defense last Saturday?

Bill Miller: "We did some good things, we still have a long way to go, but they did a lot of good things Saturday against Washington State."

Devils Digest: What were the key factors that led to the defense having a good day?

Bill Miller: "We gave up one big pass, which we shouldn't have given that one up. We really have cut down on big pass plays and the run defense was real good."

DD: Can you talk about Zach Catanese's performance?

BM: "I think he performed real well, our safeties played real well, it was a team effort. Not just singling out one or two guys if you look there were a lot of guys who played at a good pace, and made a bunch of plays."

DD: How much have all the substitutions at defensive tackle benefited your run defense?

BM: "It has helped because we got guys that are not quite as beat up and worn down, and we practice better because guys realize they're going to play."

DD: What do you see as far as UCLA on offense?

BM: "I think they're outstanding, I'm really impressed with the back, and the young quarterback has really found himself and has gotten better every week. He had a heck of a ball game against Oregon State. I'm really impressed with their offensive line. Receiver core is real steady, very capable tight ends, we have our work cut out for us and they're a fine offense football team."

DD: At this point if the season, do you feel that the defense has come into its own?

BM: "I don't know if I would say that…what we have tried to do is get better every week and we haven't done that every week and we made progress Saturday."

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