Post-Game Quotes by ASU Players

ASU Players comment on their team's 24-12 loss to UCLA

Jesse Ainsworth

On this being his final game at home

"Yeah it is emotional it's exciting and obviously we didn't do everything we wanted to do tonight. But I'm really thankful for my teammates and my coaches and the last four years here – It's been a wonderful experience for me and I'm really grateful to be playing for this team."

On scoring again four field goals in a game

"It would good if we could have punched some in tonight and that's rare of us. I'm not used to kicking four field goals but I'll do it. I wish we could have scored more. UCLA played well and we didn't punch it in when we needed to."

On next week's game

"It's huge, it's our season. We have one game left against our rivals. I expect nothing less next week. I'm looking really forward to it next week going down there and giving it everything I got."

Does it make the game bigger because both ASU and U of A have the same record?

"I'm sure it has some influence but I think no matter what we never want to lose to those guys, it's going to be a huge game for us and we need to come back tomorrow and get ready for next week. It's not easy going down there and both teams are both 6-5 and need this seventh win and it's going to be a huge game. I can't wait it will be fun."

Keno Walter-White

Do you think the offense let defense down?

"I wouldn't say let down, but some plays they didn't execute. But you can't blame them on offense. Football is a team game - offense and defense, so we support them no matter what happens. Tonight they didn't come out and have the best game they could of have. They did the best they could have had. UCLA played a pretty physical game and stopped us on a lot of big conversions especially on the goal line."

DO you think the defense played well?

"On the first two scores they had one yard drive and then they had a pass that wasn't a long pass or blown coverage - it was a good pass, good catch and the receiver had both feet on the touchdown…I think we did a good job on defense."

Beau Manutai

On this being his last game at home?

"I anticipated a big game…and I was hoping we could come out with a win. We did play hard we fought hard and got big plays and turnovers and things didn't come our way."

On playing U of A next week?

"It's going to be a big game for us. Were hoping to get together this week and we got to play down there and we'll be fired up and get our last win."

On what the team needs to change for next week?

"This came down to turnovers, we had a few opportunities to get the ball back on defense. We caused a fumble and they happened to get it back and we almost had an interception. We really have to focus to get the ball back on offense so they can score for us."

NOTE QB Rudy Carpenter was unavailable for comment following the game

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