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During ASU's Fan Day DevilsDigest talked to defensive end Terrell Suggs about his Devil Pride speech delivered at the end of Camp T, Brian Montesanto on his move from defensive tackle to defensive end, and tight end Mike Pinkard on his emergence at his position.

Each day in Camp Tontozona a different ASU player delivered a motivational speech to the team. It came as no surprise that the most outgoing player on the team, Terrell Suggs, delivered the last speech at camp. The topic: Devil Pride. "A lot of it came from the heart." Says the junior, "Devil Pride is caring and fighting for your brother on the field. I told them we have to care enough and believe in what we're trying to do as a team. When you're tired, you still have to fight and complete your assignments, and uphold your end. I told my teammates that I will fight until I can't breath for them, and I hope they do the same for me. That was pretty much it without the cussing (smile)." Chemistry and cohesiveness are hardly clichés in Suggs' eyes. "I definitely believe in team unity. Right now, we're definitely clicking better than last year. A lot of different players went up there with their Devil Pride speeches, so everybody understands what this is all about."

We asked junior Brian Montesanto how the position move all came about. "It happened during camp." He said, " I put on 15 pounds. It wasn't by design it just happened (smile). I was playing well at end, but so did Jimmy Verdon. They wanted to try me at tackle to see how I did, and it just worked out." Montesanto is very happy to say the least. "I think I can have a bigger effect at tackle, and he suits me better because I'm bigger and stronger. It does give me a better chance to play." The new defensive tackle is eager for facing Nebraska's powerful running attack: "It's especially a challenge because it's the first game of the season, and a challenge for me playing my first game at tackle. The physicalness of the Nebraska offensive line is also a challenge. But we're playing a lot better, and we look better than people think we are. We're definitely looking forward to silencing the critics from last year."

Tight end Mike Pinkard was seldom used in last season's offense, which was due in large to his performance. A great spring practice signaled the beginning of his turnaround, and Camp T was a successful extension to that. "I did have a good spring, and I also had some improvements at camp Tontozona." Says the senior, "I'm just looking forward to having a great season." Pinkard was one of several Sun Devils who just spent their last season at Camp Tontozona, a fact that didn't escape his attention. "We always sing the fight song at the end of camp. Man, I never felt the fight song like I did this year! There are a lot of good memories there, but I'm happy I won't see it again. God willing I can leave here with a Pac-10 championship and go the other kind of camp – the NFL. But the number one focus is winning every game here at ASU." JC star Aaron Austin was suppose to challenge Pinkard for his starting job, but didn't meet the academic requirements. How did that change Pinkard's outlook on his positions? "I'm disappointed he didn't make it, because he's a good player and he could have helped the team. Every player loves competition and I was looking forward to that. But I have to continue to work hard as if he was here. I have to go out this year playing better. The best way to answer them is to play well. I'm gonna try to work hard and do my best for all 13 games."

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