Q&A with Coach John Wrenn

Going into this season, not even the most optimistic Sun Devil fan would expect the ASU offense to be carried by its rushing attack. The maroon and gold ball carriers may have been the most consistent unit on the entire team, and their play ensured a winning season. Devils Digest sat down with the unit's position coach to discuss the performance of the ASU running backs in 2006.

DevilsDigest: How would you assess the performance of the running backs group this year?

John Wrenn: "I had a great time coaching them – it was awesome. The great thing is that they all stayed together, and they all cheered for each other. It was a great experience for me and I had fun. One of the best things is that we had just one turnover all year, one fumble, and that's pretty darn good."

DD: Can you talk about the two main running backs, Ryan Torain and Keegan Herring, and what each of them brought to the table?

JW: "Ryan has great explosion and power, and Keegan has the quickness and speed. They compliment each other really well."

DD: What about the performance of the other running backs in the group?

JW: "Dimitri Nance has just unbelievable talent. I'm telling you, that young man will be awesome before it's over. He has a great attitude. Shaun DeWitty has done a great job for us on third downs. He can catch the ball and he's a tremendous blocker. Preston Jones – what a great attitude. He started some games last year and he understood his role. He came back from a bad injury to his ankle. Whatever we asked him to do he did. Rodney Glass (who redshirted) is super fast and needs to gain weight so he can pass block. He has a great future…the future at running backs here is pretty good."

DD: When the season started, did you expect the group to produce as well as they ultimately did?

JW: "I can't take much credit because the coaches are the ones that brought these players in. The talent is here. The players played their roles well. They got better at the pass blocking aspect, and that was something very important for us. They've been a fun group to be around and that has made it very neat."

DD: This was your first year at ASU. How would you describe your experience?

JW: "It's been great. I've learned a lot, the coaching staff has been wonderful. The amount of time college coaches put in is unbelievable. People have no clue…this is my 32nd year of coaching football, and the amount of time I put in was crazy. All the coaches work their tail off and do a great job. Sometimes it's nice not to be the boss (Wrenn is a former high school head coach), just one of the staff (laughs). It's been fun – no regrets."

DD: What does the future hold for John Wrenn?

"Who knows…all I want to do is coach these young men in the bowl game, and then we'll see what happens."

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