ASU Players Pleased with Erickson Hiring

Quarterback Rudy Carpenter is excited to once again have an offensive minded head coach. Safety Ryan McFoy looks forward to having an opportunity to play a higher level bowl games. Those two players seem to echo the general sentiment that the Sun Devil team welcomes newly appointed head coach Dennis Erickson with open arms.

"He brings an offense that can put up points and that the quarterback is really good," said Rudy Carpenter on the Erickson hiring. "It should be fun. It's definitely gonna be starting all over again, learning a whole new offense…but all of us are gonna be learning and making the mistakes together, and that makes it easier."

"For Me having an offensive coach is more comforting – that's just me being selfish. I get to be with someone who's been a part of a very productive offense. It's exciting for me."

Carpenter admitted that the fear of the unknown is definitely one factor that is initially present with a new staff coming on-board. "With Coach Koetter, it's just one of those things where you get used to his style and get comfortable. When that changes, you get out of your comfort zone and it's kinda of scary – especially when you talk about our futures," Carpenter noted. "Coach Koetter has taught me a great deal about life and football, and I'll always appreciate that. It's a hard thing, but that's just part of life." He added that Koetter hasn't addressed the team concerning the Erickson hire.

Coaching changes aside, the maroon and old are in the midst of preparing for their bowl appearance in Hawaii. "We're getting better everyday, and we're trying to pick it up more and more everyday," he said of the pre-bowl practices. "We still have a good amount of time before the game, and if we just polish things up we'll be all right."

"They're pretty aggressive and have a very explosive offense," he said of their next opponent Hawaii. "Their defense relies heavily on that. They have a good team…I've been to Hawaii once before and that was a lot of fun, and I hope to have more fun this time."

Safety Ryan McFoy commented that he didn't know much of his new head coach, but that didn't temper his enthusiasm. "I'm actually very excited," he said. "I heard he won a couple of championships coaching at Miami. I'm excited to be working with him and see what kind of coaches he brings with him. I'm ready to start a real good tradition at ASU, get into the BCS and winning a championship."

McFoy is a part of an ASU defense that has dramatically improved from last season. It's still unknown how they new defense will look under the coaching regimen, and for the safety the answer to that question cannot come soon enough. "I'm used to the defense. The way Coach Miller has it the safeties make all the tackles," he stated. "I'm anxious to see what kind of defensive coordinator we bring in. We're returning a lot of talent, and the players that aren't graduating are real good. I think our defense will be nails like it was this year"

Uncertainty is the biggest byproduct of a coaching change, but McFoy sees some great opportunity with the new coaching staff. "It was hard on me at first, but I'm getting used to that and it will be good for our program," He said. "That's important to me (that Erickson has won two national championships), because now I know that we'll come out (and play well)…we have the players. We had good coaches before, but we have a better coach coming in. This will give us a chance to go to a championship game or a BCS (bowl)."

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