Sunday's Post-Practice Quotes

Coach Dirk Koetter and quarterback Rudy Carpenter address the media following their last practice in Tempe, prior to leaving for the Hawaii Bowl.

Dirk Koetter

Q: Ready to leave for the Hawaii Bowl?

"We're ready. It will be a lot of fun for the players. A lot of them haven't been to Hawaii, so it's a great trip for them. We're playing a great team in Hawaii. It will be a fun week and we'll still be back for Christmas Day."

Q: As far as game preparations – did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish up to this point?

"We're in good shape. The game plan is in. We wanted to get everything in here, so the guys just go over there and keep it tuned up. We got in everything we needed to…the last two practices have been our best two. The kids are bored. They've been through finals and they want to get to Hawaii. This is very similar to how we practice for our last two bowl games. We started out kind of slow and worked our way up. We were pretty crisp today."

Q: Do you feel that this game will be like an Arena Football League game, where whoever has the ball last will win the game?

"No. I don't think we're equipped like that, like we have been in other years. We have to play to our strengths and do the things we do. We're attacking Hawaii like we would attack any other team. They're a little bit different because what they can do on offense. They can score maybe better than anyone in the country. We have to try and slow them down as best as we can. I don't know about that whole shootout deal."

Q: You're going into an environment where this is a home game for them…

"Absolutely. They've been in that situation before being in this bowl game. They've won some and lost some. Hawaii is an excellent football team. (Head Coach) June Jones has done a very nice job. Our players know that we'll be the underdogs and that the crowd will be on their side. We've won on the road before. It can't be any worse than playing at Arizona."

Q: Has it taken a while just to get to this point (last practice in Tempe before leaving for Hawaii)?

"It has taken a long time. These guys are anxious to get on the plane tomorrow (Monday)."

Q: Under the circumstances, are you looking forward to a change in scenery?

"No comment."

Q: The fact that you'll be practicing at that stadium (where the game will be played). Is that beneficial in any way?

"We usually don't walk through at the opposing stadium. Just the fact that the guys we'll see what the stadium is like and get used to the turf…on game day it will be loud and we can't duplicate that. But just for our guys to be on the turf…we haven't been a lot on a turf like that this year."

Q: It may be very windy during the game…

"Well, we're a running team now. Pray for big winds (smile)."

Q: Doesn't that running game play to your advantage from a ball control standpoint?

"If you can make first downs and control the ball – sure. But you have to continue to drive it down there and score. They try to score quick – that's their M.O. They're gonna try and score and their defense will try and get the ball back for them."

Rudy Carpenter

Q: What are you gonna do when you first get out there?

"Go to the beach. Try to catch a ride with (Graduate Assistant) Coach Brown to the North Shore."

Q: Hawaii is playing in their home stadium. What do you have to do to counter that?

"It's gonna be difficult. They beat a lot of teams out there, because they just go there to have some fun, relax and forget about football. We just have to stay focused and play hard and we can get a win."

Q: Do you feel that this game will be like an Arena Football League game, where whoever has the ball last will win the game?

"I think it will be a shootout. We're gonna try and stop that a little by playing defense. I think they'll be a lot of points scored, which will be fun for the offense."

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